Coming to PlayStation Plus: Mortal Kombat Demo, Gamer's Choice Winners, and Prince of Persia Trial

Official PlayStation Blog writes -

Battle your way through this fighting adventure and experience the joy of the once-controversial, uber-gorey fatalities. The Mortal Kombat demo will also be offered as an Auto Download, so PlayStation Plus subscribers should have their automatic download feature turned on.

In addition to Mortal Kombat, we are offering a 50% discount on the PSone import Mega Man 3, and 50% discounts on the PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards winners. You voted, and we’re happy to be offering exclusive access and a 50% discount on the Best PSP Game, Best PSN Exclusive Game and Best mini. We’re also offering the Qore March Single Episode to all PlayStation Plus subscribers for free!

On March 15 in our regular publish we will be offering two full game trials: Prince of Persia (Ubisoft) and MAG (SCEA). In Prince of Persia you’ll combat various enemies as they attempt to take over and cleanse ancient Persia of corruption. In MAG (Massive Action Game) you’ll travel to th...

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2fk2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

i'll try it out

Krypto2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Sweeeeet!!! Mortal Combat!....damn I would of liked a Kratos demo... wait a sec this is for plus members only! Hope to join it one day... but money is going towards my kids things and they are priority #1.... OH WELL

Dart892785d ago

Most likely they will have a demo like a 1 week or 2 weeks down the road for everyone to try out.

Klipz-Wish2785d ago

"Mortal Kombat Demo" YES!

Tony-Red-Grave2784d ago

"Mortal Kombat demo offered as auto download" WHHHOOOOOOOPPPPIE

SuperStrokey11232785d ago

PS+ has been nothing but awesome for me. Loving it. If you actually consider all the stuff you get the value is just outstanding.

GodsHand2785d ago

Oh great, now I have to turn off my auto update. I wish they would give us the option of turing off auto downloads of videos, and game demos, and just have it on for game updates and firmware updates.

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