Saints Row: The Third Story Details & Packshots

THQ reveal packshots and announce the story details behind the long anticipated sequel, Saints Row: The Third.

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Lirky2787d ago

Since like they will pack in features and upgraded physics,planes too etc. I noticed how they can get away with alot of matured things, yet if this was rockstargames they would get in trouble for deeply-matured games.

Kingdom Come2787d ago

I felt dissapointed with Saints Row 2, the animations were poor and there was too much emphasis on Parodying GTA. Saints Row has always had intriguing elements and I seriously hope that "The Third" can be a polished game at the same time as offering a huge number of possiilities. Also, I would like the Online aspects of the game to be much improved, more modes, less bugs and better Co-op.
Also, please add even more to the fantastic customisation, with the Saints now being a Brand I would like to be able to sell my own designs of clothing to the population of Stillwater and see civilians walking aaound weraing my designs...

Lirky2787d ago

I played san andreas again its amazing its just san andreas animations were just as bad as saints row 2 probably, but saints row 2 manage to overcome animations due to the updated hardware for the platforms it released for.

So how everyone played san andreas and enjoyed that , its a big difference how saints row 2 manage to animated physic wise better than san andreas, however san andreas was bigger.

AccountClosed570292787d ago

Asides from the online aspects (I never played it online), I feel you on all that. I also hated how fucking huge the map was, but the missions mostly just ignored many areas and exploring them on your own was just pointless and boring.

DarkMeans2787d ago

“There’s no delivering pizza, no shuttling family members about in a long series of taxi missions. Instead, you take all the power of the Third Street Saints and you take the world by storm.”....

So disrespectful to GTA IV... thank God this game won't be boring.

Lirky2787d ago

Its cool how they called out rockstars gta iv , maybe gta iv was the smart idea of making it lack features, Saints row is a multiplatform free roam with nothing holding it back in terms of features and customization.

Rockstar needs to evolve gta V making it bigger than just cause 2, and adding in new features from lifting ppl up and putting them in the trunk.

Lamarthedancer2787d ago

Rockstar should be looking at making it bigger then Just Cause 2. I mean that was impressive in terms of map size.

danmachine2787d ago

Volition should show a lot more respect to the grand theft auto franchise.

Afterall, without GTA saints row wouldn't exist.

BlmThug2787d ago

I Got A Smile Thats Bigger Than The Jokers, This Game Will Be My Gta V Fix & Airstrikes :D, Cant Wait To Blow Some Sh*t Up & Loving The Part Where You Are Already In Power