Six things you didn't know about 'PlayStation Move Heroes'

USA Today: To learn a little more about the upcoming action-heavy adventure, we caught up with Harley Baldwin White-Wiedow, design director at Nihilistic Software.

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jack_burt0n2789d ago

Sony need to do 2 things make sure its cheap, and secondly release a PSN version of the casual titles for move imo.

NukaCola2789d ago

Move only games are only $10-$40, so it's a steal really. Sony says they will never make an HD collection or Move-exclusive title over $40. And I agree they should get these Move games flooding the PSN. I don't see to many of them being more than 5-6gigs. Maybe the Flashlight Horror title, or possibly Sorcery if it turns into a huge Fable-like game.

Tommykrem2789d ago

To be honest I knew a lot of these and was expecting the rest. (Apart from that a little girl had come up with some of the names on moves, naturally)

I'm expecting it to be Nihilistic's best game yet, too. EXPECTING!

CaptainMarvelQ82789d ago

how about some super smash bros-like game,Sony?

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