Could User-Generated Content Be The Future For Sony Shooters?

With DLC updates as common as the selling of the video games themselves, user-generated content for let say a triple A shooter could potentially change the way we experience multiplayer shooters forever.

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marioPSUC2880d ago

I would love to see more and more games to have user generated content. inFamous 2 is taking a pretty big step by letting you create missions and stuff within a game that already probably has a lot of content.

More shooting games should also let you create your own stuff like Halo does and how Far Cry 2 did. People have made some pretty cool things in both those games, would love to see games like Killzone and stuff let us create our own maps.

And as much as I dont really like COD, I think COD could really use a mode where you can make your own stuff

Cloudberry2880d ago

Uncharted 3 User-Generated Content would be next...

Istanbull2880d ago

Not only shooters, ALL PS3 games should have user generated content.

Thats why I love the PS3 so much, it only does everything, only on PlayStation!

Christopher2880d ago

Actually, with news of R3 going down to 8v8 multiplayer, I wonder if we won't be seeing user-generated content there as well.

I fully support the concept in any game personally. And, Sony seems to be supporting the concept with a lot of their games now as well.

NukaCola2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

MotorStorm has User Generated content. You can alter and create your gameplay types and share them with the community. I would like to see the ability to share custom cars with people. MS:Apoc is focusing most of the online towards customizations, perks, level design elements, customs gaming, etc. They are really throwing in the works.

Also with PS3 having Steam/Steamworks connectivity, I think it'll be a lot easier to create a server just to distribute PC Mods to the PS3. Unreal T3 had this, but no other game does this. I think if a game comes with a Editor on PC, it should be able to transfer to console as well.

Solidus187-SCMilk2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

everyone can create maps, and they are only KBs to Dl as all the pieces are on everyone's disk. You can also make maps in co-op, split screen or online.

Christopher2880d ago

I think he knows that.

Quoted: "More shooting games should also let you create your own stuff like HALO does and how Far Cry 2 did."

Godmars2902880d ago

Forge is outside the context of the main, single-player game. Also guessing that there's no specific game modes like survival or escort.

distorted_reality2880d ago

Don't mean to come off fanboyish, but this is one of the major advantages that PC gaming has over consoles. I would love to see more console games get decent mod and map making tools, but tbh even with what's happening atm, I think we're a long way from the point where it becomes anywhere near as big as the PC mod scene.

Shadowolf2880d ago

You don't sound like a fanboy, you make a valid point. But I must say, even though consoles may in fact be a long ways off from implementing the user-generated tools currently experienced on the PC, once a talented console developer takes this idea and runs with it, it could offer a revolutionary experience to online shooters on consoles.

Godmars2902880d ago

The PS3 has been shown to be able to use mods since UT3, its just that devs like Valve have been less than willing to use the console.

As for the 360, its MS policy to keep it a closed system.

xc7x2880d ago

devs wouldn't allow it in ranked rooms because they'd complain [so would other players] it be an unfair advantage. that's why not all created rooms in Socom 4 won't be ranked.

DaCajun2880d ago

They actually patch a few user created maps into the FarCry 2 ranked list that were created well balanced that the community liked. Would have been nice if they could have kept adding more good user created maps to the Ranked list of maps.

What does user created rooms in Socom4 have to do with mod tools or map editors, that is two totally different things?

BTW not everyone just cares about stats lie you might believe. Some people do actually play games to have fun and play with friends and not care if stats are recorded or not. There is a huge part of the gaming community that play mods or user created maps on unranked servers. Even FarCry 2 had a bigger unranked community than the ranked side.

It's about fun for most of us especially when most Leaderboards are BS anyway with all the stat padding and cheating that goes on in every game that you can never completely prevent, because losers with no life will always find away to cheat the system just to get that 15 mins. of e-fame when it just makes them look like what they are losers with no life.

What do people always think when they see someone at the top of a leaderboards? Never "WOW that person is awesome.". It's always "WOW that loser has no life.".

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2880d ago

Not a big level creator myself but I love playing other ppls levels.

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