PS3 stats: Over 41 million consoles sold, PSN revenue up 70 percent in 2010

During the PlayStation Network Analysis panel at GDC, SCEA digital distribution manager Pierre Gravereau provided some platform stats to attendees, revealing worldwide sales of over 41.6 million PS3 consoles. More than 80 percent of consoles are connected to the internet and have spawned 70 million PSN accounts.

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Shanks2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

It's 51.6m not 41.6m.
Probably a typo.

RaSSS2785d ago

Of course it is...last time Sony said they sold 47 million PS3.


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FishCake9T42785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

No, it clearly states more than 41.6, not 51.6.

kissmeimgreek2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Maybe they meant 47 million shipped? Because in this picture (embedded) it clearly says 41.6 from the presentation.

EDIT: I know its kind of hard to tell but if you dont believe me go to the joystiq article and It clearly shows 41.6 million sold. So dont blame the journalist or joystiq.

Active Reload2785d ago

I thought maybe the author made the mistake or the typo. But...just click the link. Are you back yet? Ok, now read shanks comment, lol. Bizarro world...

ImHereNow2785d ago

Uh it CLEARLY says 41.6m SOLD on the slide

are you blind?

nickjkl2785d ago

somethings wrong here

in december ps3 was at 47.9 million

Krypto2785d ago

Don't know why I bother...but why does it matter what the company sold or shipped? You aint getting jack shit from it!!! Just play the damn games you got and be happy.

paintsville2785d ago

Wow...the ps3 fanboys won't even believe Sony's own numbers ROFL. Typical.
Oh and hey VGCharz vastly over sold the ps3 at 47 million. Sony themselves just said they've only sold 41.6 million. Guess you ps3fanboys were right about VGCHARTZ afterall. LOL.

sikbeta2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

That's a typo, a mistake from the guys @ Sony

FY2006 3.5
FY2007 9.1
FY2008 10.1
FY2009 13.0
Q1 2.4
Q2 3.5
Q3 6.3
Total = 47.9m


I believe Sony's own numbers, check it for yourself dude :P

Anon19742785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

41.6 million was exactly their figure at not the end of the holiday quarter but the quarter before that ending Sept. The 80% connected number was revealed way before as well. Old stats recycled in a new powerpoint, perhaps? It's not like this was a shareholder presentation or a media release - this was just a presentation to attendees at a conference. I've been to many conferences where data provided in the presentations wasn't exactly up to date and the presenters made note of that where it mattered.

I mean, come on. Doesn't it strike anyone as coincidence that the 41.6 numbers is the EXACT figure they gave at the end of Q2 in October? Of course the number is over 41.6 million at this point.

We know the number from Sony's own financials. That's the figure that matters. Also, Sony stopped releasing shipped numbers at the end of the first fiscal year the PS3 was out and went back and adjusted those two quarters down because of it. They've released sold figures since then. How many times do we have to go over that?

Mr_Bun2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Sony is claiming there are over 41 million consoles connected to the PSN...NOT overall sales. In other words, 80% of all PS3s sold are connected.

It is safe to say that Sony have SOLD over 51 million

@ Below

They already have. The announced something like 48 million sold over the Xmas holiday season. Probably just easier for you to ignore the header in the screenshot though, huh?

Active Reload2785d ago

^^^It'll be safe when Sony says so, lol, not you.

kneon2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

41.6m connected to PSN, >80% console connected leads to about 52m sold.

gamesmaster2785d ago

Am i the only ne who read 'How big is the psn market?'

80% of 51 million sold... 41.6 million connected

there you go fangirls.

kancerkid2785d ago

I don't know about you guys, but I play games, not systems sold/shipped.

GrieverSoul2785d ago

To all in here! Read this comment. I just put it higher since the comment is way below.

41m PS3´s are connected to PSN. By that is 80% of total PS3 sales (around 52m).

Active Reload2785d ago

Nah, I'm just getting a kick out of bizarro people telling sane people what they do or don't see. I mean the sign clearly says ">41.6mm PS3 units sold World Wide", not, >51.6mm PS3 units sold World Wide. So why is the first comment saying it's something else? I don't like when blind fanboys insult my intelligence. It's like these people want to tell me the sky is purple or navy blue. People need to get checked out by a doctor, this can't be normal.

heroicjanitor2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

If Sony has numbers on their site saying they have sold more, and this presentation says 41 million, then the obvious explanation is that the presentation is using old numbers. Stop being retarded with the "consoles sold somehow means consoles connected to the internet" stuff, and others stop being retarded by taking these numbers as fact and Sony's other numbers as false. You can't pick and choose.

AAACE52785d ago

How is it a typo?

They said over 41 million in the title. Said 41.6 million in the article. And the nail in the coffin, the picture from the conference shows 41.6 million worldwide!

MysticStrummer2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

@Active Reload - Math can be an interesting and useful subject to study. You can keep making snide remarks about blind fanboys if you want to, but those jokes don't make much sense. The numbers being reported there are from 2010, which is why they are being questioned here. You can continue to ignore that fact if you want to, I just wanted to give you a chance to not appear to be a blind fanboy yourself.

bviperz2785d ago

I think the slide means (if you bother to see the entire slide versus looking at that one statement) is the amount of sold PS3's world wide that are on PSN is greater than 41.6 million. That greater 41.6 million roughly represents 80% of the PS3's sold worldwide. And of course there are 70 million PSN accounts. So, to me, folks at Joystiq are trying to make something out of nothing.

Nineball21122785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Mr Bun has it correct, I think.

He posted: "Sony is claiming there are over 41 million consoles connected to the PSN...NOT overall sales. In other words, 80% of all PS3s sold are connected.

It is safe to say that Sony have SOLD over 51 million"

If you do the math, 41.6 is 80% of what? 41.6/.8 = 52 Million which is what people are saying... 51.6 million sold.

stuna12785d ago

This is a perfect example of the other camp getting nervous, that why it's easier for them to believe that the actual number of ps3's sold is 41.6 because if they don't their delusional minds will come completely unraveled, and they'll be stuck in a sales paradox.

Lawliet2785d ago

*Ting ting ting
Yup we got a winner Mr Bun!

If you are to read the presentation shown in a full sentence it would be like this..

"41.6M PS3 units sold worldwide , 80% are connected to internet."

It is no typo mistake, just joystiq didn't get drift or lack of common sense.

Wenis2785d ago

The slide clearly states 41.6M consoles SOLD. It then says 80% of them are connected to PSN, meaning around 33M. The 47M from earlier must have been shipped numbers then. Meaning about 5 or 6 million consoles are sitting on store shelves right now.

HolyOrangeCows2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Fake article reported.

This was CLEEEEEAAAARLY a mistake (but lying about mistakes gets more hits, right, Joystiq and several other sites?). 41.6 million is Q2 data.

Quarter FOUR is ending soon.
47.9 is the last official reported number (Quarter 3).

"The 47M from earlier must have been shipped numbers then. Meaning about 5 or 6 million consoles are sitting on store shelves right now"
LOL, oh please. 41.6 is the number reported at the end of Q2. Don't pretend like that is a coincidence. Don't pretend like there has EVER been 6 million Ps3 just sitting around on shelves. Reported for trolling; stop trying to spread FUD.

EDIT: If that's not the case, it easily could have been poor wording. It's quite likely that in 3 months, they sold 3 million (WW). 80% of 51 million is just shy of 41 million (41.6 million online is probably what they were saying, considering the heading of the slide).

evrfighter2785d ago

Correct people have been trying to tell the fanboys for the longest time that shipped is not the same as sold. Here we have sony finally coming out and saying how much are sold.

Of course n4g won't accept this. But it surely is fun to watch all the spin and damage control.

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Ddouble2785d ago

Embarassing typo but still very impressive growth.
Also it's good to know that 80 percent of ps3's are connected, i thought it would be far less than that.

YourCall2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

There aint no damn typo, you don't thinks Sony reviewed their own slides. It says 41.6M sold, and the next line implies that 80 percent of thoses 41.6M are connected to the internet. That would be 33.28M connected.

Funny, even when Sony says something, you fanboys still try and spin it because it's not what you want to see.

It's crazy, the slide is right there in color and still you are calling it a typo. Because Sony doesn't know what they are talking about, Joe fanboy does however. IMO that's what Sony gets for using actual numbers at GDC after using shipped numbers all other times.

Also, some of you guys are coming up with 52M and a bunch of other numbers, creating your own scenarios and crap; all while the slide FROM SONY says 41.6M.

The 47.9 figure being BS is simply unthinkable isn't it...OMG!


Joystick isn't the only ones who mis-read the slide are they:


PostApocalyptic2785d ago


Why did you post those three links. One of which just regulates the same misrepresentation that joystiq does. And the second is a mirror/ad site. The last one a random blog.

Nice going. lol

The presenter is using 2010 Q2 numbers to show market share. Catch up with the time. 360 fail! :D

By the time I'm done with typing this post the PS3 would have already sold 53 MIL! BURN! lol

360FTW22784d ago

@PostApocalyptic - Seriously though, why do you care?

guigsy2785d ago

I doubt they sold nearly 4 million consoles from January to now. God knows where they got this figure from.

nickjkl2785d ago

it would be from december thats when sony announced they were around 47.9 million

so they would only need 3 million to get to 51.9

guigsy2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Can't you count? 47.9 million + 4 million = 51.9 million.

Nevertheless, they wouldn't even realistically do that much over the holiday period, never mind January-March.

ChronoJoe2785d ago

And Q1 2010 saw 2.4m... so it's reasonable to think Q1 2011 saw 3m.

Dante1122785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

41.6 million was exactly their figure at not the end of the holiday quarter but the quarter before that ending Sept (Q2). After March ends (Q4 reports), it'll be funny hearing from the same folks who think that it's actually 41.6 to this date when the Q4 report comes out this March.

Edit: Their Q3 reports them at 47.9 million.

lee_ten2785d ago


well done sony.

lelo2play2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

How is it a typo by joystiq? ... it's on the picture. Unless joystiq altered the Picture. That can only be a typo by Sony.

Tinasumsum2785d ago ShowReplies(3)
KotC2785d ago

"During the PlayStation Network Analysis panel at GDC, SCEA digital distribution manager Pierre Gravereau provided some platform stats to attendees, revealing worldwide sales of over 41.6 million PS3 consoles. More than 80 percent of consoles are connected to the internet and have spawned 70 million PSN accounts."

Are the people on this site reading the same thing the whole world can see or are you guys in some serious freaking denial?

baodeus2785d ago

Denial is a very common side effect on this site particularly speaking. Some one just listed exactly what the presentation say, and some how it end up as 41.6 as only 80% of console sold?

This is getting rediculous.

PostApocalyptic2785d ago

It's not a "typo."

It's a "read-doh" As in those that read the story aren't reading the slide (Doh!)

That includes both PS3 fans and 360 fan-girls except both camps are misreading the story.

PS3 fans cry that the total isn't high enough.

360 fans cry that the total sales is lower than everyone though (a fake gotcha moment for them).

When in fact, the story is about the total amount of people around the world that use PSN (80% of 51.6 MIL).

Those that claim that the 41 MIL includes dupe PSN accounts fail to read lower on the slide that the PSN accounts actually total over 70 MIL, and everyone knows that the PS3 hasn't sold that many. Duh! So, of course multiple PSN accounts exist. It's just not tallied from the 41.6 MIL number.

Fear not, brave PS3 fans! The PS3 has sold over 50 MIL. And to you 360 fangirls! Ha ha!

RyuStrife2785d ago

Hey guys, do your math. What is 80% of 52 million? Guess what? 41.6 Million. Is it not the same as the slide's number? So why would Sony drop from 47.9 to 41.6?

ps3destroyer2784d ago

How blind are ps3 fanbots huh?We all love our ps3 but Sony has lied constantly and this has gone to far.We all know that those are the real numbers.The Xbox 360 is still at large because Kinect helped it take some sales in countrys where Xbox meant the unknown force and in countries where the Xbox was something it made it something much bigger(see uk and us).It's just a dream of fanboys to see the ps3 in front of 360 but sorry that's not happening.We all saw the Killzone 3 sales.Mediocre as always.Sony do something fast or Kinect and casual gamers will destroy you.

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Tommykrem2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

And this is shipped, not sold? 360 is at 51.9 at vgchartz so wow. But then again PS3 is at 47.9 there so vgchartz might very well be wrong on 360 as well.
And then again vgchartz is vgchartz

Thecraft19892785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

All Sony,ms Nintendo will tell you is how many they have sold to the store and its all they care about.


umeanlikejoe the ps3 has outsold the 360 ever since its been on the shelves the 360 only ahead my small 3 million becuase it was out 1-1.5 years before depending on country.

Tommykrem2785d ago

Sorry, I actually meant sold not shipped.

The PS3 has indeed sold better than 360 since the two consoles came out, but there were long periods when the 360 sold better.

2785d ago Replies(6)
Perkel2785d ago

41,1 mln of ps3 are connected to PSN So it's not typho it is 80% of all ps3 sold and overall number of ps3 connected to psn network.

so it's

41,mln individual ps3 connected to PSN
70mln accounts for both psp and ps3

Wh15ky2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


"worldwide sales of over 41.6 million PS3 consoles"

"More than 80 percent of consoles are connected to the internet"

Where are you getting your info from?

If what your saying is correct then I wouldn't be as kind as to say it's a typo on Joystiqs part, more like either a complete lack of understanding or a deliberate attempt to mislead in order to obtain hits.

Perkel2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Look at top left corner it's not Playstation graph it's Playstation network graph. So it goes like this :

more than 41 mln of ps3 sold worldwide and that mean :

This for people to know how big market is PSN connected consoles

"over 80% of total sold consoles connected to psn."

this is to know what percentage of total consoles sold is 41 mln consloles connected to psn.

If you can calculate total of consoles sold it's like 51-52 mln which 41-42 mln are connected to PSN

If there is a typo it's in joystiq comment about graph

Nitrowolf22785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


you are correct and this is where a bunch of people seem to be getting confused. Also this means that PS3 has more online users then 360, cause last time they reported it was somewhere in the 22 milion range of 360 connected online.

i am curious to see what VGChart is gonna make of this

GrieverSoul2785d ago


One person here understands presentation. :)

Bubble +

Wh15ky2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


I disagree. The 41.6 million is simply an outdated figure (to end Q2, 2010).

The slide is clearly presented in a way that shows that the 41.6 million is total and not related to PSN figures - total figure is black, PSN related figures are blue.

If 41.6 million is 80% of total units sold then that means they have sold 52 million in total. This would mean they have sold 4.1 million units during the first 2 months of Q4 and considering they sold 2.2 million during Q4 2009 then it is pretty unlikely they're on course for selling over 6 million Q4 this year - that would result in them selling around the same in Q4 as they did in Q3 so make that extremely unlikely.

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Inception2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Ah yes, Perkel right. The title of the slide said "PSN Market - How big is it?". So 41.6 million unit that's connect to PSN, and the rest are not connected.

ChronoJoe2785d ago


it says 41m are connected world wide, then it says 80% are connected to the internet afterwards.

Don't pretend it's logical to assume that the 41m figure is 80% of the full total. If this guy is right then that's a real messed up way to present these figures.

Nitrowolf22785d ago


well with what people are saying here, that 41.6 represents the 80% in actually number.

ChronoJoe2785d ago

I can accept that might be what they meant, totally.

But that's not what the powerpoint says, is what I'm saying. lol Some people coming across like 'omg they obviously mean this...' it's not obvious at all.

DaTruth2785d ago

"it says 41m are connected world wide, then it says 80% are connected to the internet afterwards."

What exactly are those 41m connected to worldwide??? I would have guessed it was the internet, but apparently there is something else they are connected to and then 80% of those connected to whatever are connected to the internet!

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Wh15ky2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Having had a quick look at the numbers it seems more likely that the 41.6 million is simply an outdated figure (units sold to end of Q2 of 2010).

Units sold at end Q3 2010 was 47.9 million.

For 41.6 million to be 80% of total sold that means they have sold 52 million total, meaning they have sold 4.1 million units over the last 2 months.

They sold 2.2 million in Q4 last year. There is no way they have sold almost double that during the first two months of Q4 this year.

kneon2785d ago

It says greater than 80% so that means 52 million is the very maximum it could be. If it's just a little higher, say 83% then it's only 50 million, which is completely plausible.

Wh15ky2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The article says "more than 80%" but the slide just says 80%.

I find it too conicidental that 41.6 million is 80% of the total sold to date and also their exact figure to end Q2 of this year. Plus I doubt Sony have their figures so up to date that they know exactly what they are 2 months into Q4.

They look like their on course for 50 million units sold by the end of the fiscal year but I doubt very much that they have passed 50 million already.

Perkel2785d ago

It look like a08andan is right. 41 mln is outdated number before q3 2010. And q3 2010 is holydays 2010

One think i don't understand is why they used wrong numberss even without q3..

So Real number should be like 50 mln or 51 mln by now

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theafroman2785d ago

41 mill i gues the 47 mill was a lie hurmm

RedRedSuitSDF2785d ago

More smoke and mirrors from the Sony side baby!

lee_ten2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

more like you guys need to read/comprehend more.

theafroman2785d ago

I did read the article, On this year GDC they announce how many ps3 has been sold.Personally i don care, last year or early this year i remember reading that they sold 47 million,two different numbers have been provided by Sony themselves, which one is the real one? 41 Mill ps3 are out there and 50 mill on the xbox you know who cares? Fanboys thats who and im not one of those, i simply said Sony lied.

lee_ten2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

sony cannot lie about those numbers. they can get in serious trouble. 47 million *is* correct.

it's also safe to say they may have sold well over that number already.

like i said, read/comprehend.

theafroman2785d ago

my last reply to you.
you made a good point but until they say next time how many they have sold im going to beleive it's 41 mostly because thats the recent number they announced.