World of Warcraft developer praises Call of Duty’s customisation

World of Warcraft director Tom Chilton has been talking about the mega-MMO at GDC, and has cited an unlikely title to praise: Call of Duty.

Talking about Cataclysm’s Talent system, he cites it as a choice that works well for WoW, but “not as well as we intended it to when we made it.

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Caleb_1412790d ago

Activision Blizzard... all that needs to be said

Kingdom Come2790d ago

Exactly what I was thinking...

dredgewalker2790d ago about patting themselves on the back. I just pray that it will be Sledgehammer that drives the proverbial nail to COD's coffin.

Spinal2790d ago

It's true tho. The customization is what Most games need. It's highly valuable to players.

Those the new CoD won't see my cash. That's reserved for Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3.

Bring me Diablo! damn you Blizzard!