Super Easy Mode: Catherine USA Announcement Trailer

"$5 to the monkey who can explain what in the hell I’m looking at while watching the trailer that Atlus USA just put out to announce that they are, in fact, releasing Catherine in the United States this summer. What is Catherine about? I have absolutely no clue, but for someone who’s not a big Japan-o-phile, it has me raising an interested and curious eyebrow."- Shanghai Six

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AmigoSniped2784d ago

Great trailer but have heard weird things about the game.

Focker4202784d ago

I love things that are bizarre and different. I think Catherine is gonna be awesome. I already like the gameplay from the demo.

Xof2784d ago

What, so the only people who know about this game are japanophiles?

Casual bigotry for the win.

maxcavsm2784d ago

Oh, come on. Did you WATCH the trailer?

JATOSIN2784d ago

This game definitely looks interesting