Customising Black Ops

Never mind the callsigns and titles of CoD's past, Black Ops unleashes you upon an editing suite with which to manipulate and combine a vast library of clip art. It's located in the Operations menu in the multiplayer section of the game - but, as with everything CoD, most of its content remains locked until you grind your way up the game's ranks.

You can't even look at the editor until you hit level ten. Once you're in, however, you can unlock up to 12 image layers and around 500 pictures to go in them - rotating, resizing and tinting each to your satisfaction. There's a surprising amount you can do, as our experiments show.

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SuicideShaun2788d ago

They could have made the editor much better in my opinion. I mean it just seems like a bunch of random shapes that are unorganized. Don't get me wrong, cool stuff has come from the editor, but the possibilities would be better with a full equipped organized editor at hand.

NoobJobz2788d ago

More layers is all that's needed. You can make anything with enough layers.