New Batman: Arkham City Screenshots Show off Joker's Fun House Warner Bros. has delivered four news screenshots of the great Batman: Arkham City which showcase Joker's "Fun House".

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trounbyfire2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

why is he not in a max security prison with 1 hour of outside cage activitie the other 23 hours in solitary.
putting him in arkham everything batman catches him is retarded.

police in comics suck

LOOK good though

Pozzle2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Because it doesn't matter where the Joker is put, he always manages to break out. Arkham, prison, solitary confinement, high-securty cells, etc.

I think he was even put in a high-security prison on a remote island in one of the comics, and he still managed to escape and make it back to Gotham. @[email protected]

That's kinda the point of Arkham City. Why bother putting the crazies in the asylum and attempting to help them (knowing that they'll probably just escape and commit crimes again), when you can just shove them into a barricaded slums and let them run amok?

--------2790d ago

Exactly, it's all part of the mystery. They can't diagnose exactly what's wrong with him because he suffers from practically every mental disorder known to man, and the whole point of The Joker is that he's a ridiculously intelligent madman.

Unless you physically cut his head off and lit it on fire, he'll always come back - that's why I love the guy.

trounbyfire2790d ago

in comics but in real life as i was talking about he wouldn't see daylight and their is zero escape from being locked down 23 hours a day.

i never said help him or try to help him, i said arkham is not a place for him clearly.

Stuart57562790d ago

It would be one shit game if that was the scenario, '1 hour of outside cage activities, the other 23 hours in solitary'. Start game. End game. Wow.

cyborg69712790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@ troublefire I'm actually retarded because I read what you wrote. Thanks thanks a lot.

trounbyfire2790d ago

can you say that again...oh you can't