Way of the Samurai 4 gives Catherine a run for her money

The Way of the Samurai games have always had a quirky sense of humor, and the fourth installment looks no different. It is another slash-em-up samurai game, but this time with heavy S&M imagery.

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2785d ago
Cloudberry2785d ago

This is the punishment game-play in the afterlife when you died in Way Of The Samurai 4.

Supposedly, you'll get this treatment if you're doing bad attitudes in the real life of the game.

The demo displayed in front of the people, you could see their shadows in front of the TV at 1:04, lol.

FantasyStar2785d ago

Ah Way of the Samurai...

The OG of what would eventually become Mass Effect. Respect your elders bitches. Funny as I preferred the original WotS over the sequels: there was a charm in it...and to think it fitted all on a CD.