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ZeroTolerance Writes: Sometimes I feel really bad for developers like Game Republic. It is obvious they have some really talented developers on their team. Games like Folklore and Majin have shown they can produce original titles with imaginative narratives that are truly fun to play. Knights Contract is the latest product from the house that Genji built and, to be honest, it is one of the most disappointing titles I have played in a while. From the get-go, I was genuinely excited to dive into the game. The story was intriguing, the art style interesting and the combat solid, but after several bad checkpoints and countless frustrations, I understand why the main character doesn’t want to be immortal anymore.

In the beginning, you will be enthralled with Knights Contract. The story is one of the more original and interesting that I have experienced in a while. You play as Heinrich, a former executioner that has been cursed by the same witches he was forced to kill a hundred years...

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So... It's average?

Yeah, right.