The Last Guardian is narrower than Shadow of the Colossus, less of a "video game"

It might seem odd to describe a game featuring a 100 foot eagle-bear-cat as having a narrow canvas, but the new comments from Team Ico boss Fumito Ueda make a fair bit of sense in context. A fair bit of very promising, gushingly exciting sense.

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SuperStrokey11233697d ago

Sounds like it is aimed at a mature audience for sure. Very nice.

ugabugaz3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

This game got no guns...How am I suppose to slay that bird/dog beast? Shit man, There ain't no blood either, naw, not buying it. No way the story can be like omg epic without blowing shit up and killin' beasts.

AbyssGravelord3697d ago

If this isn't a troll then I've given up on modern gamers.

ugabugaz3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Man, all games is about shootin' shit, this game got nothing like that. It will be boring man, I guarantee you. Everyone likes blowing shit up.

Lol, Of course I was being sarcastic. My last sentence should be a telltale giveaway. Just wanted to see N4Gers's reactions

AbyssGravelord3697d ago

I figured as much, I had just gotten home from a long day at work at the time and had no sense of sarcasm.

I can restore my faith in my fellow gamers :)

prettyboy13697d ago

dude do yourself a favor and jump off a bridge TROLL!

ugabugaz3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

No. Why must we be serious all the time?
Durrr..Troll..durr. My comment has a deeper meaning than you think. Only problem is you're too preoccupied with calling me a troll to understand it.


Forget it, people on N4G almost always miss on the irony.

Dark_Overlord3697d ago

Unless you put /s not many people get the joke unfortunately

ugabugaz3697d ago

That would have ruined it somewhat, oh well. People get it now :)

wildcat3697d ago

People don't get that kind of humor here. It's a very sensitive environment at N4G.

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nevin13697d ago

Less Than a video game = No Thanks.

kaveti66163697d ago

so basically he chose to make this game have an animal character because he wants more money.


Swiftfox3697d ago

You can't really blame the man for wanting to expand his product's expossure to a wider audiance, and more income means his team will be able to progress and continue making quality titles.

What he and I think most people don't understand is that people are fickle and will say, "No." to something for the silliest reasons. It's a Call of Duty market and generation right now, and titles such as this are often quickly tossed to the side in favor of yearly, high popularity titles. It's genuinly sad.

kaveti66163697d ago

Sure, but I'm disappointed because in the video he said something along the lines of, "firstly, I wanted to expand the customer base. So I thought of animals."

I don't like that the primary reason, or the first reason for thinking of this idea, was to expand the fanbase.

Personally, the game hasn't even been marketed well enough at this point and I don't think it will sell much better than ICO or SOTC.

This generation has proven that marketing is very important.

The crappiest games generate a great amount of buzz with a well-made trailer. Example: Dead Island.

Maybe The Last Guardian is a year away from release, but many high profile titles that are also a year away from release have already begun significant ad campaigns and media exposure.

Team ICO basically keeps their game under wraps for years and years and when they do talk about it, they don't provide any solid info.

So far, all I know about this game is that it's about a boy and his monster companion.

I knew this 5 months ago.

YoungKingDoran3697d ago

i think youll find not only is it a good idea in this respect (he's absolutely right, everyone except the ice man loves animals... or pokemon) but its something new for him and the team to do. and it is a great idea in terms of the bond theyll be able to make with us, the audience.
ghost was cool. so was dead girl. now theyre going to do an animal, and i think it will be great, and obviously so does Ueda

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