Dead Island will Have COOP

A sort of rpg zombie game is whats coming our of Dead Island which i really like. The game will have diversity giving the player many options and freedom in the game. I was ecstatic when he said 4 player COOP because i pictured L4D in my head but with an actual story element.

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LoneWanderer092838d ago

That's awesome it will add more Value to the gameplay

FACTUAL evidence2838d ago

Yes! My and my peoplez are going to love this game! Day one, probably best zombie shooter this gen.

Spinal2838d ago

'probably the best zombie shooter this gen' ?

lool stupid comments like this.

Have you even seen the game being played? have you seen the in's and out's of how the story mode works?

A trailer and some pics is not enough to justify zombie shooter of this gen lol

I want to see what Dead island has to offer but i certainly not gonna get all excited over a trailer which has 0 gameplay.

Mit2838d ago


Well if you're not retarded, you must be border-lined. If you look at the statement you just quoted you'd understand what the guy was I'll help you..

'"PROBABLY" the best zombie shooter this gen'.
He didn't say it IS, or that it will be, he's saying that it has a possibility PROBABLY. It's stupid comments like yours that make N4G look bad. Interpret what you read.

sunnygrg2838d ago

Wasn't this already announced?

guitarded772838d ago

Yup... They're just acting like it's new so they have something to write about.

I_Guts_I2838d ago

For those that missed the detail i thought i would bring it to attention. There are people that know about Dead Island but never really watched all the videos or read all the articles. Im giving the simplified version and saying " Incase you missed it this game will have COOP".

BattleAxe2838d ago

So I wonder if the co-op is simply the game's campaign, or if the single player is going to be different from co-op.

Lamarthedancer2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

See I bet the co-op is this game is good because it's been built up to be a co-op game and because lets face it some zombie games need it (L4D) and some don't need it (Resident evil 5 anyone?).

Some games can do co-op....L4D, Borderlands and Saints row while others like Skyrim, Fallout and RE to name a few are the ones which should be left single player.

People shouldn't expect every game to to co-op when theres already a fair share of games which have it.

Still need to see Gameplay of this game before I can judge, as I've said before the trailer was nice but you need to see for your self if the game is worth buying day 1

OneWorld2838d ago

Killing zombie's with you're friends, i'm all for it.

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