Warriors: Legend of Troy - Launch Trailer

THQ and Koei released the final Launch Trailer of Warriors: Legends of Troy

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GodKing13372787d ago

It seems like a good game, I always liked med-evil games and still do, but something about looks cheese.

Reno2787d ago

The fact that it feels like a clone of every dynasty warriors might be it!

kane_13712787d ago

i see it as a follow up to my favorite hack and slash spartan total war

Andreas-Sword2787d ago

Warriors Legends of Troy is a very good mix of Dynasty Warriors, God of War and Spartan Total Warrior. Bloody and brutal ;)
Day 1 buy for me!

GodKing13372787d ago

Hmmm oh I know it needs the unreal engine with gears of war physics! :)

barb_wire2787d ago

So... it's 'Dynasty Warriors' but with an ancient Greece skin on.

A rental for sure based on that rather bland trailer.

DeadlyFire2787d ago

I love DW, but I do agree the trailer is very bland. Most DW games are just slash, kill, slash kill anyway. What would they put in the trailer? :P

I think they are actually changing up the combat in this game though. I am not certain of that, but could be interesting.

Burning_Finger2787d ago

God of War meets Dynasty Warrior... :)

2787d ago
MadMax2786d ago

i think conan is better than this. i liked that game, kinda underrated.