NXT Gamer: Fable III - Traitor's Keep DLC Review

NXT Gamer's Matthew reviews Fable III's latest DLC, Traitor's Keep...

"Mutated Balverines, Multi-coloured Hobbes, Mechanical Menaces and Psychotic Inmates, means only one thing, a return to Albion in the latest DLC for Fable III – “Traitor’s Keep”.
The new addition to the Fable world takes place in an offshore prison island named Ravenscar, which in many ways is not too dissimilar to the real life Guantanamo Bay. In Ravenscar, there are a whole host of inmates ranging from petty thieves and political activists to absolutely demented and psychotic nutters. All have been sent there, rightly or wrongly by your brother and former ruler, King Logan."

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ramza042791d ago

I just want it to be better then the last DLC which was underwhelming.

vikingland12791d ago

never mind I missed it the first quick read duh.

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