Dragon Age 2 Preview.

The Dragon Age 2 demo came out a few days ago and since I enjoyed the first game I decided to pick up and give it a try. The very first thing I noticed was the vastly improved visual graphics across the board, from the cut scenes to the actual game play. Bioware had stated before that improving the graphics was the most important thing for them to do. The demo is not very long when you put everything down to it, it appears Bioware decided to show off the cut scenes more so than the actual game. It works however because the fighting/running around is not as important because the camera is farther away. There is still a noticeable difference for the monsters and fighting. The blight (enemies) has been worked on and their armor and skin look more realistic than the last game.

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tommyth3cat2839d ago

"The blight (enemies) has been worked on and their armor and skin look more realistic than the last game."

I don't know about more "realistic" I'm pretty sure they drastically changed the look of the Darkspawn more because up close they really just looked like Orcs in Origins.

MWong2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I was just about to type something similar. I actually liked the previous incarnation of the Darkspawn. They looked more intense and sinister, now they look like their suffering from a bad case of acne.

Love the new graphics, but still would love to have a longer story. I still don't get why our main character can't be of a different race because of the voice acting. That just sounds stupid, in the last game it's not like the othe races had accents or anything.

outwar60102839d ago

i hope to god my previous saves make significant differences

Tex1172839d ago

Looking forward to Tuesday!