Crysis as a work of art: an astonishing gallery of shots

PCGamer: Our friend and sometime contributor Duncan Harris is obsessed with what he calls real-time art: capturing the beauty of video games in vast, crisp screenshots unblemished by health bars and HUDs. He uses graphics mods, ultra-resolution textures and screengrabbing hacks to squeeze out every last pixel of detail, and nowhere to greater effect than with Crysis.

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Tachyon_Nova2791d ago

Damn it's an amazing piece of tech the CryEngine

Agent VX2791d ago

Yeap, this is a game from years ago, and still tops any game out there graphically.

Really goes to show how consoles with fixed hardware really limit what developers can do graphically.

Just imagine if console were not as popular, and the developers were still developing for PC, what kind of graphics we would have right now and in the near furture... Yeap, they would be amazing compared to what we have now.

But this isn't the world we live in, and we will have to wait until the new consoles are released to get any type of graphical jump from what we have now, really, really sad indeed.

distorted_reality2791d ago

Agree with you for the most part, although it looks like BF3 could be a fairly significant leap in terms of looks.

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peowpeow2791d ago

I miss the jungle setting

St02791d ago

Yep, you can do some amazing stuff with the Crysis engine

Agent VX2791d ago

That is totally awesome!!! Thanks for the link and laughs...