Tabula Rasa's Character Cloning System Revealed - New Screens

Paul Sage, the Lead Designer of Tabula Rasa gives a detailed look at their unique cloning system. Tabula Rasa gives players the ability to clone their characters so they can go back and change mistakes they might have made:

"The idea behind cloning is to give players the ability to save their progress with a particular character before making a major change. It allows a player to say, 'I want to do something radical or something I'm not quite sure of,' while acting as an insurance of sorts while they try something they may not have done yet. It allows players to have more choices and try new classes and builds without worrying that once that change is made, there is no going back. In my mind, while I was helping to develop this system, I was hoping that we could encourage players to not be as cautious as they might be with a typical MMO. To encourage them to take chances and try new things."

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