Infinity Ward clarifies 'new Call of Duty engine' comments

Developer also says it's hard at work on a "great project"

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shikamaroooo2785d ago

a new engine would be good id actually look forward to the next CoD

Excalibur2785d ago

Normally I would agree but with a new team (Sledge Hammer)and a second rate team at I.W. working on the next COD I'd hate to add a new engine into that mix as well.

Between I.W. and Treyarch releasing broken game after broken game on an engine they already know I don't have any confidence in the next COD game.

Pixelated_Army2785d ago

Trusting a billion dollar franchise to a development team that has no proven track record is beyond insane.


Elven62785d ago


Plenty of industry experience and plenty of proven employees.

evrfighter2785d ago

"simply clarifying with that user that we never - for any game - build a 'brand new' engine, but iterate on a solid base"

ok so he's basically saying that building a brand new engine is counter productive...



Bowlings a douche.

Ghoul2785d ago

sledgehammer games is a new team setup,

im very very pleased to hear those people are working at the next cod.
most of them are from the dead space core team wich is one of the BEST new franchises this gen.

im totally confinced that they could revamp cod like mw2 did

FOXDIE2784d ago

Pixelated_Army, belive me, it does not matter, they are just going to copy pasta that shit anyways!

Inside_out2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

They already have a genre leading 60 a genre leading engine. The lighting, the incredible smooth game play won't be matched on consoles...

Modern warfare 2 sold 20+ million and deserved to sell 50 million even if I think they stole a lot of game play from Criterions last gen/next gen fps title Black...still COD MW2 was awesome..

The haters, especially around here like to talk but COD does the walk. I can't wait till E3 for the unveiling.

I think, judging by MOH, that the Frostbite 2/ Battlefield engine will look fantastic and hope to see actual console game play at E3...but the game play will be the final factor and that's where Dice has a big problem. The multi-player is where they have to better COD...good luck...



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Dark_Overlord2785d ago


The question is are they capable of building a new game engine? The old IW created the engine used in every game since CODMW, Treyarch have been using this engine for how long now? and yet it still suffers from horrendous bugs that Treyarch seem incapable of fixing. As far as I'm concerned Treyarch don't seem up to the task of creating a better game engine than what they have now, and thats why they stick to the one that was created for them.

Klepto2785d ago

Actually no IW didn't make that engine its just an old ID tech engine.

awi59512785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Sledgehammer is still riding on infinity ward original nuts just like treyarch.

BubbleSniper2784d ago

i hate activision. an i find hard to believe how

two of biggest figures involve with original Dead Space

could come to craptivision !

maybe they see dollar signs instead of good games now....

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Burning_Finger2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


Commander_TK2785d ago

COD4 was not garbage. Oh, and it's "are" when it's plural.

egidem2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

How about they at least improve their engine? Have they not seen the work that's been going on at Dice and their BF3?? How come Black Ops doesn't look that different from MW2?

Marked2785d ago

It does look alot different from MW2... they just went the wrong way with it LOL.

Elven62785d ago

Black Ops is running on a different fork of the engine that Modern Warfare 2 is. Treyarch's engine has modifications that IW's engine doesn't and vice versa.

I think Black Op's engine was a step down from World at War. There were a few scenes in World at War that were pretty jaw dropping, nothing like that in Black Ops but plenty of cringe worthy scenes.

Gamer_Z2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Blacks Ops engine was F upped idk what Treyarch did to the ID engine to make it worse than previous games but it sucked.

Baka-akaB2785d ago


But what's there to improve ? Its still the same heavily modified q3 engine . I dont think there are that more juice to squeeze from it .

Yet of course that's what they'll keep doing for a while

Kran2785d ago

Way to confirm MW3 Infinity Ward :/

sway__z2785d ago

We really shouldn't blame the's the publisher that needs shooting. Treyarch are talented but the publisher tells them what to do (like at your place of work buddy), so action acti-shite and leave infinity (what's left of them) ward to do their jobs.

Thecraft19892785d ago

Bubbles to you people rant and rant about the developers being horrible people and lazy. yes granted some are but most are not.

As someone who knows some devs from rock star Leeds and rock star north I heard many stories of how big bosses have so many restrictions like time, things not to include to the next game time restriction on certain platforms.

Baka-akaB2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

nope the developper is still to blame too in cod's instance .

When you face such work conditions , and after at least two number one hits under your belt , you can always request stuff or move on to another publisher .

Instead they reveal in the same status quo and mediocrity

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