Black Ops Aimbots are ruining the game

Black Ops gamers are facing Aimbots as their opponent more often then they know. The PC version is a complete train wreck.

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stlbeast12789d ago

thats the exact reason i dont play pc games

StrmKyk2789d ago

Well i dont have any PC games but how is this guy not banned and deranked for the aimbot that you can clearly see on the video when he is shooting thru walls and randomly thru the buildings? I feel Treyarch should take the PC side more serious than XBL cause if someone on Live was doing this they wouldnt have their account for long

SicK_Scope2789d ago

thats the exact reason i dont play pc games

PhilieDeee2789d ago

PC gaming has always been like this. and no one gives on what happens on PC versions of games lol its just pretty much free reign.

EvilDxtreme2789d ago

Enough Posting and complaining about this issue on the web they will have to fix this issue! It's getting bad to the point that they are loosing customers.

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