Xbox Japan Spokes-Girl Paralyzed After Accident

Hikari Yamaguchi first captured Japanese gamers' eyes with her bikini pin-up photos. She captured their hearts as one of the hosts of Xbox Japan's Inside Xbox program. Right now, she needs all the love she can get.

According to paper Sports Hochi, Yamaguchi slipped on the balcony of her home on February 19, resulting in an injured cervical vertebrate. Unconscious, Yamaguchi entered intensive care. Yamaguchi regained consciousness; however, the left lower half of her body is now paralyzed.

As of posting, her name is still listed on's Inside Xbox page. Inside Xbox is an Xbox Live-based program for Japan. There is no notice about Yamaguchi's unfortunate accident.

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I hope she gets better.

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guigsy2840d ago

It's very rare that people recover from paralysis. This is why people should get behind stem cell research.

Masterchef20072840d ago

Man i hate seeing such pretty girls get hurt this way. I only wish her the best and hope she gets better.

Masterchef20072840d ago

Guess people who disagreed with me dont like pretty women oh well

Inception2840d ago

Yeah, it's funny. I got a disagree too. Maybe they like cute / handsome guy...oh well.

WhiteNoise2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I think it's funny that they avoided using the stereotypical 'spokesman' title yet they still used gender-specific language.

If we're not allowed to use 'spokesman' as a word anymore then play by your own rules you GOD DAMN FEMINISTS, it's 'spokesperson'.

Pedestal gone bye byes. Equal rights goes both ways.


The first part is still too specific, we are all hu-people... everybody is happy then :S

Wenis2840d ago

Might be off topic but I've always wondered why feminists still refer to themselves as a woMAN. Shouldn't they be called a woperson or something.

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That sucks. Hope shes able to recover as shes pretty f'n hot. Looking at some of the comments in here though, I dont think shes the only one who fell off a balcony.

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