IGN: GDC: Resistance 3's Focused Multiplayer Preview

IGN: "Heroic survival in a brutal world." That's how Resistance 3 was described to me when I attended today's multiplayer reveal for Insomniac's upcoming first-person shooter.

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WildArmed2786d ago

Oh, boi!
I can't wait to get my hands on this.
It looks alot more like R:FoM (which is a grea thing!)

ToastyMcNibbles2786d ago

I'm really digging the direction they're going with the multiplayer.. looks solid and the visuals are amazing

WildArmed2786d ago

The visuals had me surprised too!
It's alot more fluid and actually has great color scheme (unlike R2 -- orange overload there imo).

I've been a fan of the franchise, so I'm glad to see insomniac are willing to change things up.
Though, I'd be lying if i didn't say I'll miss the 8-player co-op.
It was my favorite part of R2, and I put a good number of hours into it alone.

ToastyMcNibbles2786d ago

Yesss the co-op was great in R2.. I definitely want to go back at some point and play more of that but I've been hooked on other games at the moment but the co-op was tons of fun!

trounbyfire2786d ago

R U serious the animations are horrible not even KZ2 level. I can't be th eonly one to see this.

graphics are not good and ok art style you can say is great but not graphics

ToastyMcNibbles2786d ago

I think the graphics look great obviously you don't but who cares? The game is still going to be fun regardless and as a Resistance fan I can't wait for it.

EeJLP-2786d ago

I have no idea what game you're looking at, but you're obviously not looking at Resistance 3 footage. That or you don't know a whole lot about the Resistance franchise.

R2 limited movement.
R2 sounds.
R2 style berserks / killstreak reward garbage, like:
*Invisibility / 'Cloak'
*Teleporting / Speed Burst
R2 gigantic auger shield.

There's no weapon spawns.

There's only 16 players max.

Besides a weapon wheel and a couple other minor details I'm certainly not seeing R:FoM. Please don't talk like you know the franchise if you don't.

This game is another big step in the wrong direction. They learned nothing from the feedback, even after claiming they had.

I seriously have no idea what you guys are looking at in the gameplay that says 'R:FoM' to you.

Movement? (which is a huge part of gameplay) No.
Shooting mechanics? No.
Removal of Berserks/Rewards? No.
Removal of giant shields? No.
Weapon Spawns? No.
Large matches as well as small? No. (opposed to R2 also)
Sounds? No.

Those are huge chunks of the gameplay. I have no idea how you can look at those and see R:FoM and not a game that's R2 at its core.

You see minor details like the weapons wheel, ok, that's 1. Pre-game text chat, ok, but not part of gameplay. Health packs in Campaign, ok, but again not part of online gameplay.

What are you looking at that says R:FoM to you?

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WhiteNoise2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

wtf wrong article...

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