New Resistance 3 MP Screens + Details

Insomniac Games have released new details about Resistance 3′s upcoming Multiplayer mode, most notably the drop from 60 player match’s to 16.

James Stevenson, Senior Community Manager at Insomniac Games said the biggest factor in deciding to drop the player count was based on “the fun times that we and the community had on maps like RFOM’s Busyard and Rooftops, as well as the Bayou House and San Francisco maps in R2. ”

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FACTUAL evidence2784d ago

OMG!!! The blood actually looks like blood instead of paste that overrides! Yes R3 graphics is almost on par with kz2! Keep working hard insomniac!

Jaws0072784d ago

Id say better, I tend to like all the bright colors/patterns. Something different you know.

tigertron2784d ago

I didn't like R2 being so colourful. RFOM and Retribution were dark and gritty, like 50s esque. I'm glad R3 is following that tradition.

Kingdom Come2784d ago

Whilst many will disagree, and they have all the right too as I have the ight to state my opinion. I found the gameplay underwhelming, I was expecting something fresh, and yet was met by numerous features previously utilised within other succesfull FPS Multiplayers. Now I know it is commonly done (Using other games mechanics), but there are many instances within this particular game, and yet no original features to back them up... Hopefully I missed something and will be proved wrong as I enjoyed both Resistance 1 & 2 but I think another fault is that if anything, they are taking a step back from what made them quite unique, 60 Player multiplayer, whilst not the best, it had its moments... Hopefully people can see where I'm coming from, but with being on N4G for close to a year now, I doubt it.

MidnytRain2784d ago

Insomniac departed a bit too much from their origianl ideas. That's why some were disappointed with the sequel. 60-man multiplayer SOUNDED cool, but the fact is that R2's multiplayer is arcadey. In the case of MAG, it is a tactical shooter with various levels of command and orginization. Having a large amount of players in an arcade multiplayer game just lead to clusterf***s and random death most of the time.

I never really got much into Resistance's multiplayer; I bought them for the story mode. If they can make it focused and skill based like Uncharted 2 (my favorite multiplayer game this generation) then I'm all for it.

FragGen2784d ago

LOL. MAG is a clusterf*ck too unless you play with a clan. Expecting 60+ randoms to come together and play an online shooter as a team without any preparation is asking a bit much, even if the game supports a "command" structure.

MidnytRain2783d ago


Which is exactly why it is in this game's best interest to keep the player count down to functional levels.

SnakeMustDie2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Resistance 3 will be a great game campaign wise and MP wise but it's hard to ignore it's flaws.

1. Few Players in MP compared to R1 and R2 - Resistance MP is known to be chaotic. Take that away and it will just turn into another shooter. R2 while wasn't as good as FoM was able to do 60+ players similar to FPS games found on the PC. If they are doing this for balance then I don't mind but at least they should made R3 16v16 with bigger maps and it will make everyone happy.

2. Killstreaks - My complaints in the Crysis 2 Demo applies here. I would like Insomniac to give higher points to people with killstreaks rather than giving them special powers like CoD and Crysis 2. It just encourages people to camp or just go for the kills. It also puts players who cannot maintain a streak into a disadvantage.

ZombieAssassin2784d ago

Lmao I dont know how many times myself and friends have yelled that out since the Kz3 trailer.

ONTOPIC: i think im one of the few who were truly hapoy they lowered the player count for MP, now they just need to do away with allowing people to make them 1 shot kill rooms as its all I ever see for Rfom and R2.

trounbyfire2784d ago

its 24 max right. 12 vs 12

off topic even though i liked stahl more orlock voice over was amazing probably best in the game

ZombieAssassin2784d ago

Kz3 is 12v12 unless it's Guerrilla Warfare then its 8v8.

Resistance 3 is 8v8 i believe for every mode.

2784d ago
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