Mark Rein: If 3DS could 'deliver' Unreal Engine 3, we'd be on it

Joystiq: Mark Rein is getting a little tired of "the 3DS question" but, alas, my journalistic instincts demanded I ask him once again. With the launch of Nintendo's handheld right around the corner, it seemed like a prudent inquiry.

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tony67672881d ago

thats why i chose NGP instead of 3ds .

sashimi2881d ago

Its not all about Graphics, the 3DS just isn't capable of giving users a console-like experience. But i guess since all you do is name call your opinion doesn't mean much.

na-no-nai2881d ago

Fuck UE3. I could care less. Havent played a single game this gen or last gen that run UE.

Pandamobile2881d ago

Wow, avoid awesome games because you don't like the engine it runs on?

What kind of gamer are you?

na-no-nai2881d ago

Im more of a platform, rpg, tactical gamer, horror. Also games like resident evil and silent hill. You could say I'm more for the Japanese developers than western developers. Do not like western games at all only shooting that it

na-no-nai2881d ago

I not really into games like that much at all. okay i forgot games like tom clancy, and red steel run the engine but i dont like those kind of games much at all. Its an overused engine, don't like it

matey2881d ago

well 3ds is getting cry engine and quantum 3 as well as mt framework which is already doing amazing stuff and konami are pushing it with MGS3 and yes it competes with MGS4 because the graphics are the same but in 3d and kojima said it took the best talent he had to do MGS 3DS demo yes better than the MGS4 team look it up 3ds will rule its more powerful in my eyes going off the early games rendered twice aswell it defo as powerful or more powerful

maniac762881d ago

yeah,but you dont have name brand devs making full on games just yet for cell phones or tablets like they do for 3ds or psp,they aint gonna do all that work then sell the game for 3.99 or 9.99,they want full on big game price,maybe that will change who knows. sure you might have some cheap dead space,metal gear and wotever else touch and shoot game,but those are just lame.

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