Super Mario 3DS Uncovered: What We Know So Far

GameXplain Says: "Nintendo today surprised everyone with the announcement of a new 3D Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS. Though only a logo and scant four pictures were shown, we've enhanced the images and examined the pixels CSI-style to glean every juciy tidbit that we could! Enjoy!"

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newsguy2785d ago

Wow, another Mario game? Color me surprised.

Balt 2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Knowing Nintendo they'd rather remake one of the other many countless Mario games into 3-d than make one specific for the 3ds. It's so absurd how Nintendo has milked this series for 30 years almost.

I bet they'll have

super mario 3d sunshine
Super mario 3d galaxy 1&2
Super Mario 3d64
Super Mario 3d world
Super Mario 3d allstars
Super Mario 3d rpg

and many more before they even think of making something new. Nintendo's made more money reselling their games to idiot consumers than they have on the wii all together.

bearsfaan2785d ago

More Mario is always a good thing. Unless he's playing sports.