GDC: 72 Percent of Players Finished Heavy Rain

When you first see a statistic like "72 percent of players who started Heavy Rain finished it", it can be difficult to determine what that means. After all, data needs context. Sure, that number seems high – but in high school that'd be the equivalent of a C, which is average. However, if you compare it to the industry average completion rate, which is 20-25 percent, it's downright astounding.

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Slimshadyn2788d ago

Heavy Rain was amazing. I couldn't put the controller down cause I wanted to see what happened next. The game wasn't incredible long though and it was great so not a big surprise that most people finished it. I played through a few times. I was more surprised on how well it sold. I hope more games like it are coming soon.

Julie2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I finished it and got the platinum trophy, so well i am part of the 71% and i am an average C too i guess lol D:

Bereaver2788d ago

Let's don't forget those who don't have internet on their PS3. I'm sure that's an extra 10% at least.

kaveti66162788d ago

"I'm sure that's an extra 10% at least."

But fuck VGChartz for making up numbers, right?

kancerkid2788d ago

You can't say that it is 10% more, because non-online gamers are not likely to finish the game any more or less so than online gamers.

MysticStrummer2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

@kaveti - So you think a person in a comments thread saying "I'm sure (insert statistic here)" should be held to the same standards as a website that claims to be reporting accurate industry numbers...? That's odd... but... whatever. OT - I'm in that 72%. I finished the ME2 demo also. I thought Heavy Rain was very good despite the various plot and story problems, and I thought ME2 was highly overrated.

kaveti66162788d ago

@mystic strummer

Do you think there should be a double standard for bullshitting?

NukaCola2788d ago


You didn't get his point. It's that they don't have the ability to sync their trophies, so you wont be able to see who has completed the game until they post their stats. I am sure it is the same with any game that is played on a system that isn't connected to the internet.

RememberThe3572788d ago

kaveti6616: Yes. Though I do agree with your point.

You don't take a guy at the bar talking shit as serious as a politician doing the same. The guy is throwing a guess out, VGCharts claims to have accurate estimates. There is a difference hence the different standards. It's not an apples to apples comparison.

kancerkid2787d ago


No, you don't get the point.
The number they give is a percentage of people who connected to the internet to play the game and finish it.
So it is a good approximation that the same percentage applies to people who didn't connect to the Internet, so the overall percentage doesn't change.

How would they know if you started the game unless you were connected to the internet?

paintsville2787d ago

Well I guess the other 29% got tired of playing an interactive quick time movie.

No Way2787d ago

I'm sorry.. Wa- wai- wait, hey hey a minute..
You thought ME2 was overrated.. by a demo? -.-

Care to explain how it's "overrated?"

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BiggCMan2788d ago

Yes! My personal GOTY 2010, I know it is for many gamers as well, but not a single critic from what I remember. Heavy Rain is an outstanding experience from start to finish. I cared more about the characters, and what happened to them than any other game except Metal Gear, and thats a 20 year span compared to a single title. No single game (excluding series) has moved me as much as Heavy Rain. Its not something that normally comes to mind when saying "family game", but I got many of my family to watch me play through the entire thing like we were gathered around for a movie. Just a fantastic masterpiece that deserves every sale it can get.

M-Easy2788d ago

It was my GOTY also. You have good taste.

hellzsupernova2788d ago

IGN gave it their playstation 3 game of the year

Killzone3___2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

wow , that would make the game special if my family did the same >.< .. each of my brothers want to play it alone , my parents don't like games ...

-Superman-2788d ago

When you start playing, you finish this game because you never know what can happen next...
Playing first time its awesome.

kneon2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I don't understand how anyone could NOT finish the game once they've started, unless maybe they were too stressed out by the game.

Peppino72788d ago

I feel bad for the remaining 28% who didn't get to see the results of their individual choices. I couldn't wait to see how everything played out.

egidem2788d ago

No kidding! I'm in that percentage, plus I have the platinum too. It was pretty enjoyable.

hellzsupernova2788d ago

Ive finished it 8 times still havnt platinum it i know crazy but that's only cause every time i try my own things i don't try to go for the trophies. i once played it non stop till i finished it in one sitting it is my favorite game this gen so far. such an awesome experience.

2fk2787d ago

Heavy rain is very UNIQUE i beat it in like 1 day i just couldnt stop i'll like to see a sequel or spin-off i just loved it so much

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worm20102788d ago

WOW i loved the game but i didn't think that many people would stick with it.

WildArmed2788d ago

Yeah, that's an astonishing completion rate.
Esp. since the game was soo different.
Kodus to QM for pulling it off.

and lol @ IGN once again:
"but in high school that'd be the equivalent of a C, which is average."
So... I can never tell why IGN has to try to downplay something even though they are praising it

Kewl_Kat2788d ago

Yeah, I don't know why they had to downplay 72%. What if 72 % of the world's population were to die tomorrow, would IGN call that average? What if a guy has a 72% success rate of winning the lottery, would IGN call that a C? Heck, considering that Heavy Rain isn't like any other game, having 72% of people who bought it also finished it is a great compliment.

sickbird2788d ago

im not ashamed to say im not one of those 72%. Someone ruined the ending for me so i really had no desire to finish. Im an ADD gamer so it was a tough play for me.

Peppino72788d ago

It has multiple endings. Someone did the same thing to me but my ending was different. That's what's great about the game. Try to finish it anyway.

sickbird2787d ago

Is the killer the same everytime? because thats what was spoiled.

AKA2788d ago

but there is one thing that does not change spoilers are very immature or retarded persons, they should hit them self the face once or few time...

nix2788d ago

i felt like i was watching 12+ hour long suspense movie. it really exhausted me by the time i finished the game.

Killzone3___2787d ago

if you didn't like heavy rain then you didn't like mgs 4 , right ? .. :)

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