GDC 2011: Iwata Hits Out At Mobile, Social Games

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata hit out at mobile and social games during his GDC keynote, saying that smartphone manufacturers and social networks “have no motivation to maintain the high value of videogame software.”

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Dark_Overlord2785d ago

Sounds like someone doesn't like the fact smartphones are eating into their market share.

“For them, content is something created by someone else,” he said. “Their goal is to gather as much software as possible: quantity is what drives their profit. Quality does not matter to them.”

And how much shovelware is there on the WII?
Face it, no matter what the platform there will always be more crap then there are amazing titles.

“They are far less expensive to create than retail titles,” he noted, ”but what revenue do they generate?”

Exactly they are FAAAAAAR less expensive, whereas console games can easily run into the thousands, anybody with a PC (and programming knowledge) can create games for smartphones, so ratio wise smartphone games could exceed blockbuster games. Also it has been noted by many game companies that they make loses on quite a few games they release, so in effect its pretty much the same albeit on a far smaller scale.

Does average Joe really need to make a bazillion dollars/pounds etc from his game when its cost him next to nothing to make? I'd be happy if my game was just selling.