GDC11: Dead Island Won’t Actually Let You Kill Children

Dave Oshry of RipTen: A lot has been said about Dead Island and it’s haunting reveal trailer. You know, the one where a little girl dies not once, but twice.

Well, today at the GDC I had the chance to see Dead Island in action, and while I can’t yet tell you all about what I saw – I can tell you that you won’t actually be able to kill children.

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CrzyFooL2789d ago

Aww, but I wanna kill zombie kids :-(

jaredhart2789d ago

Yeah, nothing wrong with that. Get to kill zombie kids in the Dead Space games.

Spitfire_Riggz2789d ago



MitchGE2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

"We asked Deep Silver flat out if you’d be able to kill kids and they replied no . . . they didn’t think it was appropriate."

So it's not appropriate to be realistic? I thought they were going for an emotionally moving and realistic take on the zombie apocalypse here? I don't promote child abuse but then again I don't promote abuse in general. If you're gonna make a serious zombie game, you need to push the limits and break some barriers. They'd better have a damn good scientific reason why children are immune to the zombie outbreak. Maybe it'll have something to do with puberty.

Either way, Dead Island is one of my top 10 most wanted games of 2011, can't wait.

MaxXAttaxX2789d ago

Dude, the whole "zombie" thing is unrealistic enough already, lol
Letting you kill kids won't add much to the realism.

Pozzle2789d ago

"Dude, the whole "zombie" thing is unrealistic enough already, lol
Letting you kill kids won't add much to the realism."

What? Zombie games let you play out a fictional what-if: What if our world was suddenly overrun by zombies. Of course it wouldn't ever happen in real life, but the idea is based on realism of our own world. So it's pretty ridiculous that all the kids suddenly disappear when the world's population is turned into zombies.

If they're going to make a zombie game, include everyone. Men, women, children, everyone...

MaxXAttaxX2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


Children's bodies are too small and weak and aren't able to support the zombie virus(or whatever) long enough the same way adults can and so, they die off almost immediately.

There. I just added more realism to the story and a better excuse for the developers.

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KingNintendoFanboy2789d ago

Are zombie kids really kids? I don't know.

Christopher2789d ago

Guess I'll have to stick to Dead Space for that, then.

Funny the controversy over the trailer when a 2-year old game was allowing me to cut baby necromorphs in twain.

Anyway, I think it was a given that the game would only show adult zombies for killing. The trailer was just a well-done marketing trailer, nothing more, nothing less.

Urrakia342789d ago

Can't kill zombie kids? Well that blows!

VenomProject2789d ago

Dead Space had the balls to do it.

warrior99882789d ago

like if theres a game without mods will let players do that lol

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