Console wars rooted in brand fidelity

Joey Cresta writes in The Bowdoin Orient: "Sometimes, this high cost (of a console) leads to a need to justify the purchase. One way of doing this is by promoting the chosen console over the others; or, conversely, by speaking poorly of the consoles that were not chosen. Scenario: John buys a PlayStation 3. He has a decent time with it, but invariably notices all the positive press for the Wii. In a way, the overwhelming popularity of the Wii, coupled with low sales of the PS3, makes him doubt his purchase. But consoles are expensive, so he cannot simply go out and buy a Wii, too. In order to rationalize his purchase, he develops a hatred of Nintendo and bashes the Wii, rather than enjoying what he has at face value. It's certainly unreasonable, but it happens."

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achira4036d ago

lol, the example is total bs. it would fit far better when he would describe a xbot hating a ps3.

ukilnme4036d ago

This article was created for people just like you. But you already knew that right?

Coffin874036d ago

that's exactly what i was thinking.. bs.

LJWooly4036d ago

and if it was a nintendo fan hating a ps3, it would be biased against nitendo fans, right?
the article wasn't biased, it was just an EXAMPLE. if another console was mentioned in the example, someone else would say it was biased anyway.
think before you post, you're taking up space.

Mike134nl4036d ago

always funny watching nerds fight

perseus4036d ago

This is an awesome article. It's very similar to another article on the Escapist a while back.

ZeVeX4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

If you bought a PS3 which is a awesome machine and then are jelous of the Wii(crap imo) and decide you would rather have a Wii than a PS3, just because its getting better press, well your a idiot.

Basch4036d ago

All this time I've been deluded and foolish to believe that Metroid Prime 3, Manhunt 2, No More Heroes and Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition weren't kids' games. How silly of me.

Conveying your very original(!) argument how you did isn't fantastically convincing – "h8"ing a console is ignorance in itself, but hating it on a false whim is just silly. Learn to provide the reason ("its 4 teh kidz" isn't a reason) behind your prosaic rhyme before you say things that do nothing but expose the brand fidelity the Bowdoin Orient is talking about.

ZeVeX4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

^, k i forgot those, but i still think its a crapy console, but not because i can't afford one like this article is says, it's because i like good graphics and not swinging my arms round lookin like a spaz, and i still think if you buy it just because of the press, ur an idiot, but, if you buy it because you actually like the games on the wii, then that's kool.

Proxy4036d ago

I'm sure he could have traded in the PS3 and bought 2 Wii's and a few games. :)

LJWooly4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

This is one of the more meaningful articles on this website. I'm starting to get seriously tired of fanboys, and people who accuse others of being fanboys (which is a rather "fanboyish" thing to do), taking up forum space so that the meaninful, intellegent posts are bogged down and buried ubderneath a mountain of growing bulls***, typed by simple-minded dumb-arses.
You should just buy whatever you want, and let everyone else buy what they want, and everyone can just have fun with their purchase. Every console has it's pros and cons, and succeds/fails in places the other consoles succeed/fail.

If you're not that bothered with HD or new, expensive technology, and just want to play simple, fun games for a budget price, buy a Wii.

If you DO care about HD and new tech, but dont want to cripple yourself financially, buy an XbOX 360, it has the most games and the best live service.

If you think more long-term, want the most powerful beast money can buy nowadays, and want to do more on your console than just play games, then buy a PS3, but i'd wait till around christmas (software drought), but just don't expect to come off well financially.

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The story is too old to be commented.