Game Arena : Kirby's Epic Yarn Reveiw

It goes beyond making you smile to that level of cuteness where your cheek muscles feel sore from the big smile which won’t leave your face and you feel a rush of energy like you just had a shot of hard liquor. If you have any interest in platforming games at all, get Kirby’s Epic Yarn. If you are still looking for that film noir detective mystery, at this point I’m confused you can actually read.

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2786d ago
TwistedMetal2786d ago

why you reviewing this old ars game? Also this is the worse kirby game in history. Im sorry but play the new kirby adventure wii game coming out which is a real kirby game or play kirby superstar. kirby epic yarn is not even epic and is just some blues clues crap with kirby in the game.

limewax2786d ago

Because it only just released in some countries, I guess Australia was one of them by the looks of it