Pet Dogs Heading to Minecraft?

GDC is going on this week and with it comes a lot of big and small news. This story would classify as the later! It appears that pets could be making their way to Minecraft at some point down the road. On Notch’s (Minecraft creator) Twitter and blog he mentions how he promised someone that he would put pet dogs into the game.

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RockmanII72877d ago

hopefully they are attack dogs that can help you fight mobs.

Lamarthedancer2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I really wish he would tone down what he says about the stuff he's going to bring out for Minecraft because he says theres going to be this, that and people will expect to much when they hear an update is coming out. Don't want people getting disappointed in the end, some people usualy expect to much then moan on in the minecraft forums.

jashmister2877d ago

Its probably a lot better than having a pet slime that cant use steps