Unreal Tournament III: CVG Preview

CVG writes: "When our straining ears picked up the first whispered rumours emanating from Epic that Unreal Tournament 3 was coming to PS3, we couldn't sleep at the prospect of getting our mitts on the game. And that's exactly what we did on a recent visit to Epic's North Carolina offices, where lead designer Steve Polge and producer Jeff Morris unveiled the nearly completed version of what could be one of the most thrilling PS3 titles of the year".

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Keowrath4038d ago

Not a huge fan of FPS games but one game has always caught my eye in this genre and that would be Unreal Tournament. Since the original on PC and on through 2k3 and 4, I cannot WAIT for this title to grace my PS3.

Here's to the Flak cannon and good times!

ShiftyLookingCow4038d ago

I guess you are going to play with mouse and kb. Its somewhat hard to understand transitioning to controllers if you played UT2K3/4 on PC.

Keowrath4038d ago

I'll give the controller a go but I can see myself changing back to keyboard. I really don't see the redeemer being too great on Sixaxis (even though I see myself as fairly good with the controller)

I'm figuring Sixaxis + Redeemer = Suicide!

Bazookajoe_834038d ago

I can use a controler and whop youre ass, even if u use mouse and keyboard =) Or ill try atleast ;-)

ShiftyLookingCow4038d ago

nah thats not what I meant, if you played UT2k4 for a long time with kb mouse then its likely you are going to continue with that for UT3(esp PS3 supports kb mouse)

Razzy4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

The best thing about the Unreal games is their fast paced non stop action. It all comes down to reaction time instead of any real strategy imo. This is a definite must buy for me. I may have to invest in a USB keyboard/mouse though. :)

Keowrath4038d ago

fast paced non stop action is great but what I think makes UT better than anything else is the mutators. Allowing an infinite amount of variations between games.

I can't wait!

Armyless4038d ago

There are -hundreds- of little strategies that you pretty much have to learn by instinct. Reflex alone will make you panic and get you killed.

Kleptic4038d ago

yeah UT3 has some game modes that put a large focus back on strategy...but the pacing of these games has always been so fast there is no standing around figuring what you are going to do...

shoot first...ask questions later...plenty of time to get the objective when you are wading through piles of meat...

Vip3r4038d ago

This is going to be something sweet. The gameplay, graphics and K&M support should help make this one, if not, the best PS3 game out this year.

EZCheez4038d ago

that pulls me away from Warhawk.

Warhawk, I barely knew ye.

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The story is too old to be commented.