'Heavy Rain wasn't made for teenagers - so why are most games so immature?'

At GDC 2011 in San Francisco today, David Cage stood resolute in front of a packed room of coders, writers, artists and designers with a clear message: It's about time video games finally grew up.

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Urmomlol2786d ago

That's kinda funny coming from a guy who used tits to market his game.

And yes, that's exactly what those "OMG! LOOK AT HER! SHE'S SHOWING HER TITS AND STRIPPING" trailers were for.

Sex sells and Heavy Rain totally played that card to generate hype.

shadowknight2032786d ago

I really hope for another emotionally driven game like heavy ran with good story again..I dont even care what the console platform, so long as its on console.

MaxXAttaxX2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I would've never guessed that was the game's selling point.
Was that really your mentality when you saw it? Have you never seen boobs before?
That sort of marketing mainly works in NA.

Besides, here boobs were shown in a mature, non-sexual way.

Soldierone2786d ago

You guys can defend the game all you want. Its a fantastic game. But Urmomlol has a point.

The game was marketed with sexual scenes, nothing else. Think about it. They didnt even show any of the guy characters till the game was about to release. All up till then was all about the stripper scene...

MaxXAttaxX2786d ago

Is the Madison trailer the only one you guys remember?

NukaCola2786d ago

I was sold by two things:
1. I enjoyed Indigo Prophecy
2. "Everything I did, I did for love" trailer.

I didn't even let Maddie take off all her clothes in the stripping scene, I felt like I was degrading her. But I did play this game like Cage wanted me too, with my own personal emotions and thoughts.

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The_Nameless_One2786d ago

Obviously you missed his point or you won't be making that comment. And for the record, The media used Heavy Rain's naked scene to make all the fuss.

If you actually played the game you would know that the "tits" scenes were always within the context of the game.

AKS2786d ago

Madison was being held at gunpoint and was being coerced to strip by a thug. That guy intended to rape her. That's not a gratuitously sexy scene. If that type of thing really turns you on, maybe you should get some help.

Urmomlol2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Maybe you should learn to read.

What was being showcased the most prior to Heavy Rain's release? What was grabbing headlines? Was it the in-depth storyline? The choices? The awful voice acting?

No, it was the nudity and the fact that the game featured it. Don't be naive and pretend like the developers didn't know exactly what they were doing when they gave that footage to the media.

Tits, no matter what the context, is still ZOMFG THIS GAME HAS TITS and suddenly your game goes from being obscure to mainstream solely because it has breasts in it.

If you don't realize this, then you don't realize how marketing works. Big hint: Tomb Raider didn't become such a huge success just because it was a good game.

Oh, and then they allowed Madison Paige to be showcased in uh...yeah. That's being real classy and not using sex to sell at all, right?

MaxXAttaxX2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

That's not true. Unless you're a 14 year old who goes crazy every time he sees boobs.

gypsygib2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Yeah because all the Oscar nods with sex scenes were meant for adolescents. It's about the themes covered in the story telling irrespective of sex or violence - are they adult themes or kiddy themes or something in between.

Most games have stories made for 12-15 year olds.

Pozzle2786d ago

Was sex and nudity really the main aspect of Heavy Rain's advertising though? I mean, it seemed like game SITES were advertising that side to the game moreso than the publishers were.

TBM2786d ago

the everything i do for love trailer was what made me wanted this game not some tit scene. im close to 40 yrs old im not some silly ass teenager anymore.

heavy rain was such a refreshing game mature without all the stupid kiddie stuff like most games (bulletstorm).

andron2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The problem was the gaming "press" online who focused on the nude pictures and story elements. I read plenty online and magazine stories about HR that were about other elements.

All characters were previewed and the different gameplay mechanics showed, but not for those who were too mesmerized by digitized boobies to get by them...

malandra2785d ago

gaming sites used the tits, none of the official trailers were like that

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Motorola2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Im a teenager and I played it. Best PS3 game I have ever played... it all depends on the player. When you release it on a console, expect mostly immature reactions. That may be implying something insulting and I apologize, just no other way to put it.

trounbyfire2786d ago

well according to G4 we need more immature shooters but we have them they just get less press.

we have a bunch of immature and mature games by the one you want simple.

NiteX2786d ago

I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a shooter that's not immature.

gypsygib2786d ago

Bulletstorm is the worst.

NukaCola2786d ago

Bulletstorm is bad but I think Duke Nukem will probably top that, and the Postal games were piles of wrong wrapped up in a dirty douche of immaturity.

HINDERIZATION2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Heavy Rain is still one of my most favorite games EVER. I've never been on the edge of my seat and so nervous and anxious all at the same time before while playing a game. The tension building up in most of the game really made it quite the emotional thrill ride. I was very pleased after playing it.

kaveti66162786d ago

It's sad that plot of the most story-driven game this generation is likable to the plot of most made-for-television films.

It just says to me that games have a VERY long way to go before people outside of the industry will consider them compelling.

I guess Roger Ebert has a point.

Xof2786d ago

To be fair, many other games are much, much better written than Heavy Rain.

Thing is, Heavy Rain was the "first experience" to story-based games for a lot of people out there, so they naturally assume it to be good. Heavy Rain doesn't really do anything that dozens of other games haven't done better.

kaveti66162786d ago

The plot of most other games is quite thin.

The only other game that has more character development and plot points is probably the MGS series.

This a compliment to Heavy Rain but also a very big criticism of games in general.

Lots of games have excellent concepts but don't execute those concepts in a good way.

The philosophies underlie Bioshock are radical and unique in the gaming world.

While everyone else is making games about aliens invading Earth or some other planet, Irrational made a game about politics and capitalism and ethics.

Why don't more games incorporate mature ideas?

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