Save and Quit: Killzone 3 Review

Humans and Helghast and Headshots, Oh My!

Killzone 2 was a drastic leap forward for not only the series, but for Sony’s shooter demographic. Loved by many and equally despised, Killzone 2 was the Playstation 3’s go-to game for first-person, multiplayer action. It’s been 2 years and Killzone 3 is finally here. Is it time to re-enlist? Or is this a battle best left unfought?

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Brash_Attack2880d ago

Should I play through killzone 1 or 2 before playing this one?

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NukaCola2880d ago

Well you should play 1, 2, and Liberation(PSP) to get the story. But Killzone 2 is the only one you really need to play to understand where this beast is coming from. KZ3 is driven off of how KZ2 was.