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Shooters may overcrowd the market, but Killzone 3 easily stands out among the pack. With arguably the best graphics seen to date on the PS3 and some of the most grueling warfare a game has to offer, shooter fans should be pleased with Killzone 3.

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Hockeydud192839d ago

good review. I'm loving me some Killzone 3

RememberThe3572839d ago

Just got into some operations action today and I'm lovin that shit. Killzone 3's online is fire!

Ginbe2839d ago

good rewiew only because they give a 9.925?


RedDead2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I have to agree, it was average imo. Good score though. Also it was 9.25 ^^

Also I wish it was either a 9 or a 10...

KingPin2839d ago

Edit your comment before your lack of intelligence shows.

hint: its 9.25 not 9.925.

just cut and paste. maybe no one will notice.

KingPin2839d ago

heres a new score - lol 9.25 not complaining, just stating. was the 0.25 thrown in to calm down the fanboys that its not a 9 but keep the reviewer happy that ist not quite a 9.5. lol does 0.25 really make that much of a difference? does 0.25 make the difference between buying the game and renting it? what happened to simple alphabets. lol i guess these days anything B or lower is junk and a fail. oh well, cant please all the people all the time.

Op242839d ago

The .5 was taken because of the Helghans side of the story which Geurilla said they dive deeper into which, never really happened. And the .25 was for the lack of customization in multiplayer. Those were the 2 biggest flaws imo.

2839d ago
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