Go! Gaming Giant: Bejeweled Blitz Live Review

From the review:

"PopCap is well known for their insanely fun and addicting games; Peggle and Plants Vs. Zombies alone are a testament to that. So, understandably, it comes as a shock to me that their latest XBLA offering doesn’t invoke similar feelings. I was pretty excited about Bejeweled Blitz Live until I actually played it and realized that although it is still the same gameplay we all know and love (assuming you’re a fan), it offers me absolutely nothing of significant interest. After playing several rounds, I was left wondering 'Is this it?' and immediately ventured further to discover that yes, it is."

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ItsEvan2839d ago

I think I'll just stick to Bejeweled on Facebook.

Murgatroyd72839d ago

It's basically the same version from what I've heard. Facebook is the devil, so I haven't seen for myself, but I do know that $10 is not a fair price for this XBLA release.

maskedaprentice2839d ago

What's with these XBLA rip-offs lately? Zeit 2, Quake now Bejeweled?

omicron0092838d ago

Bejeweled is on everything now.