Arkham City: First Photo of Calendar Man

It seems like the mysterious character that appeared just before the VGA trailer was infact Calendar Man himself.

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DaBadGuy2788d ago

Nice. The Long Halloween is one of my favorite Batman stories, glad to see Rocksteady is digging deep into Batman's Rogues to get characters for the game.....just so long as they don't dig too deep and dig up Captain Stingaree.

VenomProject2788d ago

Meh, he looks kind of...bleh.

I prefer the look he had in the Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale comics; The Long Halloween and Dark Victory.

akiraburn2788d ago

Good call on that one. I was a huge fan of those stories, and I definitely would like to see them follow that design a bit more, however I'll wait till we can see a better overall image to decide on it. I don't know how Rocksteady specifically makes their Batman titles regarding design, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get some of the great writers of Batman to come in and give their ideas, beyond just referencing the different stories out there.

On a side note, I'm really glad that Rocksteady has been able to adapt Batman as well as they have, but after Arkham City, I'd love to see certain other members of the DCU get their own original games. Guys like Green Arrow or Flash have a ton of potential for a really great and expansive game, however all too often a game will fall by the wayside and end up with an extremely mediocre game, usually based off the movie counterparts that have come out, such as Iron Man and Hellboy. I'm trying to be excited for the Green Lantern game, however right now it needs to do a lot more to impress.

RockmasteR2788d ago

not impressed by this villain, but can't wait for the game!
it's going to be insane!!!!

Quagmire2788d ago

So what, does he kill you with flowers on Valentines Day, and shove coal in your stockings on Xmas?

The villain honestly sounds like a joke to me.

Pozzle2788d ago

Depending on the writer, he either IS written as a joker villain or a pretty fucked up one.
Judging by the demo impressions, it sounds like Rocksteady went with the latter in Arkham City.

Pozzle2788d ago

Sorry, that should say 'joke villain'. Not 'joker villain'. :O