IGN Rewind Theater: Battlefield 3 Gameplay Demo

Yes folks, this is actual gameplay, and IGN has all new information on what you can expect from Battlefield 3 when it drops this fall.

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Computersaysno2784d ago

Prepare your PC's ladies and gents. This is gonna blow you away.

GamerSciz2784d ago

I already got plans to build my new rig at the end of summer in light of this game. I am thinking SLi but maybe crossfire. Still need to do research on the latest specs and such but yea, this game is going to be amazing.

plb2784d ago

You're probably better off waiting till then or even fall anyway. New cards coming out this summer though they'll probably be super expensive.

tdrules2784d ago

I don't know your budget but up to a certain point single cards are far more power per $/£ than SLi or CrossFire

GamerSciz2784d ago

I'm waiting until end of summer which is around my birthday. But budget wise I am probably going to spend around 2k. I've built computers before and have a degree in IT. I just haven't built one for a few years so I need to check out the benchmarks. I hear that their game is going to be able to run very opitimized for PCs.

emitsomla2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Power to the PC player... My xbox and ps are about to collect dust. Its about time one of the devs decided to distance themselves from this prolonged gaming gerneration. The technology is here, why not take advantage of it... Sony and Microsoft dont care about the gamers, just their money... and this is why they are extending this generation, because we gamers think that games such as killzone, uncharted and Gears of war, are as good as graphics can get... dont be fooled gamers the tech is there to produce graphix that literally destroy the games that were just mentioned. DICE has just proven this. Thanks to PC gaming, we are about to leave this generation in dust!!!!


The constant pausing is annoying, just let the freakin game run.

tdrules2784d ago

well, it wouldn't be a teaser would it


umm...where in the title does it say that this is a teaser???? Teasers are short videos that make you aware that a game is coming. This is video from a demo.

NiKK_4192784d ago

it says "REWIND THEATER" that's what happens they slowly go through it and talk about it, and reveal some things you might have missed...if you want to see the gameplay trailer (don't know how you haven't yet) go google it

Gamer_Z2784d ago

Wow I didn’t even notice that stuff before I saw this video very impressive. I wish I had a rig that can run this but sadly I just don’t have the money or time to build a good PC. I guess I’m just going to have to settle with the console version :'( I just pray that it comes at least a little close to what I’m seeing in these videos, I know it won’t but i dont care im still going to buy it.

Honest_gamer2784d ago

Cant wait for this, finally they game to get me out of cod hopefully!! Killzone 3 didn’t do it which was bad because I loved the demo so much, but I sold cod to get Killzone 3 :P so now im just redoing dragon age ultimate edition (on the ps3, I maxed it out on the 360) to get the ending I want for dragon age 2 next week!!!

KaiokenKid2784d ago

Im super curious to see how this game looks on the 360 and PS3. We arleady know it looks godly on PC.