Win Signed Tales of Vesperia Special Edition And More "One of our portal websites, Tales Union, has teamed up with Namco Bandai North America's Community Manager, FilthieRich to offer a great giveaway for fans of the Tales franchise."

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ShawnCollier2840d ago

Should be interesting to see how many people enter.

JDouglasGU2840d ago

cool prize, i may have to look into this.

Cloudberry2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

The first is the official English version announcement of "Tales Of Graces F" in 2011 and the long gap between English version of "Tales Of Vesperia" for XBOX 360 before it.

I just hope Bandai Namco's effort of marketing & localizing "Graces F" didn't go to waste.

Hopefully it would be smooth so we might get "Xillia" too.

lastdual2840d ago

The problem is that what everyone wants is Xillia, and if Bandai Namco can't see that, they are blind.

Some will buy Graces F just to increase the chances of Xillia getting localized, but those people are a very small minority of the hardcore fans.

The whole idea is a little ridiculous. BN should just commit to releasing the game that fans are actually excited about, instead of making their customers jump through hoops and pinning the probability of a Xillia release to how well an older game with far less hype sells.

That's the kind of braindead business decision that explains why Japan has fallen behind in the industry. Just give the fans what they want to buy.