70° Battlefield 3 – Fault Line Preview says: Last night while most of us in the AsiaPacific timezone were sleeping, EA and Dice released a new trailer to the North American audience, and this time around they decided to stop with the teasing and gave us a real good look of what to expect in Battlefield 3. What we have is the full trailer of what we only saw glimpses of in the teaser trailer.

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plb2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

And this is the reason why PC gaming will never die. Cannot achieve such things on dated hardware. Don't get me wrong I'm taking away anything from console games because I love them but just saying cutting edge graphics, effects and such can never be attained simply due to ever changing hardware in PC's. You'd have to wait another generation of consoles to get to the same level.

hoops2790d ago

What you are saying is truth. Now be prepared to get disagrees up the ying yang LOL