IGN: GDC: Uncharted NGP's Dos and Don'ts

Touch controls for Nathan Drake? It's happening on the NGP, and IGN has something to say about it.

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trounbyfire2787d ago

touch screen is not for you idiots its for a casual person. god SONY is not forcing anyone to use the touch screen they are just showing it off.

why are they acting like its mandatory. this article is pointless

sinncross2786d ago

Exactly. Eve 1up said back in January that the touch controls were optional for the game.

Its annoying when journalists have not got their facts right.

trounbyfire2786d ago

what can we do? i mean we are told one thing, they say another and if we complain and call them out we get fanboy tag and are treated as trolls

Blaster_Master2787d ago

I jsut wanna know, does the damn thing have L3 and R3 Buttons or not?

sinncross2786d ago

The touch screen and touch pad are both multipoint .

I think its not out of the realm of possibility to map L/R2 to the touchpad, and L/R3 on the touch screen.

Not exact,y ideal, but an improvement over having to hold the select button on the original PSP to perform extra button options.

StbI9902786d ago

And pressure capacitative, do not forget that.