Battlefield 3 vs Crysis 2 vs Killzone 3 Screenshot War: Who’s Graphics King?

Who wins the epic battle of graphical dominance? Click to find out.

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zootang2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Killzone 3 takes it. A lot more detail than the other two. Just look at the guns and well everything else.

AKA2790d ago

true KILLZONE 2/3 have more detail and better gun model but B3 looks better and its more constant and sharp and the other game is just a hi texture game with old gen in it.


Lets hope B3 looks this good on my ps3.

SJPFTW2790d ago

LOL killzone 3 is two guys and a wall. Small corridor like levels, little fine detail and no destructability.

Battlefield 3 wins hands down. Its a real Next Gen Game, killzone 3 is just a corridor simulator

Sheikh Yerbouti2790d ago

Based off these pics alone,...Battlefield 3. Kizzy 3 comes in a close second. Crysis' pictures weren't very becoming 'pared to what I've seen on the tubes.

NewShadow1012790d ago

battlefield wins of course, but looking at killzone 3... im sure if dice actually puts effort into the ps3 version it will look phenomenal. not as good as the pc version, but you gotta admit killzone 3 almost shines just as bright. i hope they handle the ps3 version well, otherwise, im gonna be spending alot of money that i dont need to be spending on a PC rig just for battlefield 3...

hassi942788d ago

Killzone 3 is almost as good as BF3 in terms of raw graphics but since BF3 has better graphics, destructibility, wide open playable environments and 64 player online makes it easily snatch the win.

However this is on PC, where the Tech is like 6 years newer for some people.

TronEOL2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

If anyone doesn't say Battlefield 3 they're in denial.
After you get passed the fact that Battlefield 3 most likely has a much higher polygon count and more going on at once, it all just becomes a matter of taste.

IcarusOne2790d ago

Yeah, don't even need to see comparisons. It's Battlefield, all the way to the bank.

Dogs_PinoyPOOD2790d ago

NOPE. its a matter of preferences. me i liked Killzone 3 cus of the bright colors i see in it and the amazing atmosphere

LOGICWINS2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I respectfully disagree. 99.9% logically sound gamers would say that real life looks "better" than any video game. If you think real life looks better than a video game then you MUST see that Battlefield 3 on the PC looks the best out of the three since it does the best job of mimicking real life.

As far as graphics Battlefield 3/Crysis 2 are in a league of their own. If the title of this article was "Who's the ART STYLE King?"...THEN and only then can their be an ACTUAL debate on the matter.

Ducky2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

^ Art style is usually linked with visuals.

Real-Life doesn't look all that great. The major advantage real-life has is a higher resolution, otherwise, games look better since they exagerrate things and have a touch of surrealism to them, just like Hollywood does with it's movies.

Although the comparison depends on what platform is being used. In this case, there's two games which are available on the PC vs a PS3 exclusive. Not exactly a fair comparison.

Though graphics have reached a point where they look good. It's mostly coming down to art-style preference now.

Sheikh Yerbouti2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Logic, real interesting. 99.9%...really?

People say graphics and there so much that entails. Isn't saying good graphics mean realism really short-changes what graphics adds to the experience?

Style and dynamism does have to be considered. I would expect realism to be important to a military FPS title like Battlefield or something like Heavy Rain, but Killzone is more sci-fi. Graphics also entails the physics of water, flora, etc. in the game, which I think Killzone excels at. Brink's art design is wonderful. Bulletstorm wouldn't be as successful if it was as real as Battlefield.
Realistic Batman, no. Realistic Street Figter, no. On and on ad infinitum.

So I don't think your 99.9% is a real statistic. Nor do I think realism is some holy grail for graphics...outside the accomplishment of being able to pull it off.

Mista T2790d ago

Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2. But dang, those animations and everything looks so lifelike in Battlefield 3.

RememberThe3572790d ago

It's remarkable how good these games look. When we're talking about this level of visual fidelity, I don't really care who gets the crown. Their all kings to me.

Too bad I can't play Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 on a good enough PC though, those PC guy are going to have their eyes bleeding running those games on their top settings. And the fact that Killzone 3 can even hang with these games is a estimate to GG's development.

IHateYouFanboys2790d ago

answer = not killzone 3, whichever way you look at it.

both are a league above killzone 3, and going by what we've seen so far Battlefield is a league above Crysis 2. when the direct x 11 patch comes for Crysis 2 it might be worth revisiting, but until then this is battlefield first, crysis 2 second, killzone 3 a distant third.

NewShadow1012790d ago

killzone looks amazing dude. c'mon can everyone quit hatin on killzone 3. its an amazing game, awesome story despite what critics say and the online is addictive. killzone 3 is above crysis imo. and battlefield 3 is way ahead of killzone.

killzone 3 deserves to be compared with these two other titles.

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