NGP Chips Won't Rival PS3 Performance

At a Game Developers Conference session, Sony has moved to dispel the myth that its Next Generation Portable could rival PS3 for processor performance.

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Galvanise_2787d ago

They never said it would rival PS3 performance. They did however remark that games will look quite close to PS3 games visually.

CrazyForGames2787d ago

that didn't stop people from mindlessly believing it would

hell i bet this still wont stop people from believe it

trounbyfire2787d ago

no we believed that the chips being powerful plus the 5 inch screen means that it is the most powerful hand held and it can use lighting and AA like consoles.

this makes it the closes to the home console graphics and it looks damn good

Iroquois_Pliskin2787d ago

!!! it no match the CELLZZZZ!?!?! RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!

evrfighter2787d ago

No I'm pretty sure I saw a mess of "imagine when so and so gets ported to ngp".

The fanboys here believed it.

ABizzel12787d ago

Hmmm. From this I gathered a few things.

1) The processor will be locked at 1GHz, until halfway through the handhelds life cycle, then they'll let the full 2GHz run, after they improve the handheld to be more energy efficient like they did with the PSP.

2) The NGP most likely has 256MB or 512MB of RAM. They said they were closer to the PS3 than the PSP in terms of memory. The PSP had 64MB, the PS3 has 512MB. The next step up from the PSP would be 128MB, so logically if they're closer to the PS3 then it would be 256MB. I think it's 512MB since 256MB is still closer to 64MB than 512MB is.

3) I was spot on about how big the game cards were going to be. 2GB, 4GB, and later on we may get 8GB and 16GB.

Overall it's still impressive, just not quite what we thought.

StbI9902787d ago

Um I don't know, this thing is set to last around 5 to even more years of lifespan, wouldn't it be obvious to get a mere 1GB of ram for the years to come? it is not like ram is that expensive now a day.

Bereaver2787d ago


All the ps3 games can be ported to the NGP, and that has nothing to do with the NGP being just as powerful as the PS3.

The resolution won't be near the same which will drastically reduce workload.

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Sarcasm2787d ago

Yeah the amount of ignorance and fud spread across the internet is mesmerizing. They said it will have PS3-like quality graphics, NOT PS3 graphics itself.

Oh well, this is an exciting year for tech. NGP, iPad 2, MotoXoom, AMD Fusion APUs, Intel Sandy Bridge and soon Ivy Bridge, Nintendo 3DS, Dual GPU card from AMD and Nvidia, and more.

kaveti66162787d ago

"They said it will have PS3-like quality graphics, NOT PS3 graphics itself."

Well, when you put it that way, it makes perfect sense... /s

Balt 2787d ago

Nothing on a handheld can compete with a big screen production. I dont want to play the next big god of war on a screen the size of my galaxy s. No thanks. Hand held gaming sucks.

Nitrowolf22787d ago

I wouldn't go as far to say it "sucks" but i do agree with you. Love handheld gaming and all, but for me i always get a better experience when i'm playing at home on the big screen with surround sound.

Jio2787d ago

I wouldnt say it sucks. In fact, I play my handheld as much as my console and cant wait for the 3DS and NGP

StbI9902787d ago

Some play their handheld even more than consoles, count me in.

Wouldn't even need nothing if i get that horny lil tech hot thing right thar

MGRogue20172787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Take note: NGP Chips Won't Rival PS3 Performance

BUT.. It does have the potential to run as fast as the PlayStation 3. Only the battery life is holding the NGP back.. & because it can potentially overheat & set fire to your pants if it's indeed set to run as fast as the PS3.

I think it'll probably match the Xbox 360 in terms of graphics at it's current specs & whatnot.

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Raider692787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

PS3 fanboy trash comment!Go troll------------------------- ------------------------------ - -- I bet you think it can run Gears 3 at full right!?

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MGRogue20172787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Of course the PS3 can run Gears 3. It's a Unreal Engine 3 title. You've seen other UE3 games running on the PS3, right? Well there ya go.

It's no lie that the PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox 360. Everyone knows that.

Having said that, Gears 3 will never see the light of day on the PS3. Everyone also knows that. X360 Exclusive.

joeorc2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )


100% agreement.

he was talking about from a design perspective because they cannot bleed the heat or the power requirement's in such a small space would be too great to run @ that speed an temp in a hand held currently.

the first PSP had a 333 Mhz processor lowered to
222 Mhz for the CPU an GPU chip to offset heat an power requirement's that the umd drive also hindered because of it's power requirement's. this is not really any different

I mean that would be each core running at 2 GHz that would not include what the Gpu on the chip would run @.

Officially, Sony has said the NGP's visual quality approaches that of a PS3, which no mobile devices can match so far. Many of the technology demos shown at the Tokyo PlayStation event on Thursday were ports of PS3 in-game cutscenes or sequences, like Metal Gear Solid 4, that could run nearly as well as on the much larger TV game system.

Carmack has often been a bellwether for mobile gaming and usually given credit to Apple for being the performance leader. The Wolfenstein and Quake developer's experience in writing game code, especially graphics engines, has often led him to choose iOS over Android and other competing platforms when exploring handheld gaming. He has estimated that the iPad and iPhone 4 are faster than the Nintendo Wii and sometimes outperform the Xbox 360 despite theoretically being slower."

please read this again:

"He has estimated that the iPad and iPhone 4 are faster than the Nintendo Wii and sometimes outperform the Xbox 360 despite theoretically being slower."

Read more:

Sony's NGP is:

"To give you an idea of what that means, we are talking about that technically the PSP2/NGP is 16 times more powerful graphically based on clock-for-clock than the iPhone 4 and Ipad as Shader ALU performance is higher, but this power will always be plotted depending on the clockspeed that would have PSP2/NGP processor."




IF: "He has estimated that the iPad and iPhone 4 are faster than the Nintendo Wii and sometimes outperform the Xbox 360 despite theoretically being slower."

THE Ipad can out perform even the xbox360 an the NGP is 16 time the capabilities of the IPad. what does that tell you?

HandHeld games systems are not the weakling's that many people here seem to think this is not the year 2000

quite a bit has changed

Raider692787d ago

if it only had an 1.4hdmi out put to connect to my plasma!I can dream!

Stealth20k2787d ago

maybe this will shut people up

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