IGN: GDC: When Food Attacks in BurgerTime HD

This might make some old-school gamers feel ancient, but the original BurgerTime arcade game is nearly 30 years old. That's right. 30. So it was quite the unexpected (but welcome) surprise to hear that BurgerTime is making a comeback on the current generation consoles.

IGN got to play BurgerTime at Sony's GDC booth, and was left with some mixed impressions on where this newest iteration of BurgerTime is going.

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darkequitus2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I remember 'wasting' my money playing Super Burger Time at my location sweet shop on the way home from school

KillaManiac2784d ago

I played this game so much on my NES.

The good old days...

Pedobear Rocks2784d ago

Burger time was awesome....Atari, please bring back Kangaroo too!