Zombies Invading New Mortal Kombat, Test Your Might Returns

Zombies, zombies, everywhere! As it turns out, the new Mortal Kombat (releasing this April) will host a game mode where you are put up against oncoming zombies and it is your job to defend yourself against the horde.

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yarbie10002791d ago

they are everywhere nowadays

Iroquois_Pliskin2791d ago

who could forget them? TEST YOUR MIGHT!

DTMBSquid2791d ago

Really can't wait to perform fatalities.... Is it April yet?

ThatEnglishDude2791d ago

For Christ sake, enough is enough. STOP WITH THE ZOMBIES ALREADY!
They're a fun enemy to kill but seriously...

xxxAnubisxxx2791d ago

yeah, it's getting a bit old... but Mortal Kombat still kicks ass

NukaCola2790d ago


Bro don't read into this. It's part of the 300 Challenges, so there may be like 5 of them that are zombies, or just dummie AI to fight.

The 300 Challange Tower is full of epic win. Every single challenge is awesome and bring a huge variety of gameplay types. This is like the Challanges of Smash Bros but MK style. It'll blow you away.

hay2790d ago

Agreed man. Too much zombies. I have brilliant and fresh idea for a zombie game which I started making but... I'm already sick of those games.
Market is highly oversaturated so It'll have to wait few years for it to clean up...

FragMnTagM2790d ago

Don't freak out too much about the zombies, it seems to be only like one challenge out of 300 on the challenge tower. The challenge tower looks beast as hell.

I wish more people on this site would actually read the articles, or watch the friggin video on site it linked to at least.

Too much of the discussion is wasted on why or why not the title of an article is correct. Next to no one on this site actually discusses the content of the article.

InfamousHero2790d ago

This game just keeps getting better and better. I've never been a mortal kombat fan, im a SSFIV player myself, but i'm definitely anticipating the release of this.

creamsoda2790d ago

Lol I remember Test Your Might, they also did something similar with the old street fighters where you bust up bricks and cars.

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