Learning From Activision's Mistake: 3 Things That Guarantee a Great Lasting Franchise

Game Podunk Editor, Jason Clement writes, "Guitar Hero is dead.

Well, sort of. "In limbo" might be a better term for it. Indefinitely postponed, maybe? Whatever. The fact of the matter is that Activision has finally stopped beating the proverbial dead horse and put one of its biggest cash-cows franchises out of its misery. Many analysts, video game journalists, and consumers alike have seen this coming for awhile now; however, it doesn't make the news any less earth-shattering. And really, why wouldn't it be? Announcing the end of a popular franchise (even if it ends up being a temporary stall) is absolutely huge news. It's a blow to the mighty Activision's pride and even more so to CEO Bobby Kotick's, to come out and admit that a franchise is not doing well enough to proceed and not meeting the expectation of the market (if it still had any, that is). But how exactly did all of this happen, and is there any way of preventing this in the future?"

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