GDC11: Jaffe Says Console Games Take Too Damn Long To Load – Ends Up Playing PSP On The Can

RipTen: Moments ago, the ever outspoken lord of Twisted Metal gave a brief presentation during the GDC. During which, he brought up a few slides showing just how god damn long it takes from the time you power on your console, to when you actually get to start playing games.

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Hitman07692785d ago

He's insane I play Commodore 64 on my toilet and it's fine....

Sandwich Bender2785d ago

Not that this stuff hasn't been said before (maybe not the loading bit), but I love that Jaffe actually dedicated a GDC panel to it.

CrzyFooL2785d ago

Lol jaffe. I play psp on the can too! Best place for gaming.

the_best_player2785d ago

same, quick psp tekken 6 fights lol

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The story is too old to be commented.