Battlefield 3 Gameplay vs. The Real World: Military Experts Dissect The Trailer

G4: "We reached out to a group of actual military experts and consultants (who actually play games) to get their feedback on the video, and to see what they think. A group of actual veterans known as Off Duty Gamers from the United States Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy took a look at this video and read over our review."

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omni_atlas2787d ago

So did G4TV get permission to copy paste from offduty gamers?

DelbertGrady2787d ago

As long as it feels somewhat realistic to me - as a gamer - I really couldn't care less if the soldiers point their guns to the floor while in a vehicle and whatnot.

somethingstrang2786d ago

I agree, although what I am impressed is how much attention to detail DICE is putting into BF3. That really suggests that this game will come out great as lots of care as been put into it.