Epic Says This Is What Next-Gen Should Look Like

Epic Games isn't just showing off the latest improvements to the Unreal Engine 3 at GDC 2011. They're showing us what the next-generation of games should look like. Do the images hold up to the hype?

Kran4749d ago

Yeah. As soon as you put the disc into your 360/PS3/PC....

Boom. ;P

Thats how powerful such engines seem to be now.

CrazyForGames4749d ago

i can't wait to see how many devs go under next gen

AAACE54749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Holy sh..! I'm glad we are starting to see the types of games I bought these consoles for! First the Battlefield 3 vids. And now we are seeing tech demos like this. I don't think something like this would be possible with the current consoles, but if it happens and they turn it into a game... F*ck it... I'm all in!

limewax4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

I wouldnt get your hopes up, even if they got it running with all this tech on consoles, there would hardly be any game there. This tech seems VERY demanding, Beyond anything available today, hence its a tech demo.

I think we will get some of these features in the next gen but not all of them, just like we were promised 1080p 120fps standard and got 720p 30fps standard


Where can we watch the demonstration? The screenshots look almost next-gen, the video will make us :D !

BlackKnight4749d ago


These tech demos are DX11. Xbox/PS3 have only DX9. This is for current PC's and whenever future consoles come out.

ABizzel14749d ago

So these are what next gen cutscenes will looks like, with the actually game being slightly toned down. Looks like they've finally reached the level I've been waiting for.

But if you want to see next gen graphics look no further than this.


ProjectVulcan4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

PC will run this in realtime, this year. When the summer comes around and the 28nm generation of GPUs hit, this will be possible in realtime in a game if someone builds it.

Expect the fastest GPU by the end of this year to have at least 3x the performance of a GTX580.

Already a GTX580 is roughly 8-10 times as fast as the console GPUs. The next level will arrive this year with a long overdue 28nm node.

Remember this comment when you read reviews of the next gen 28nm dual GPU cards, because they will be running Crysis with everything on at very high resolutions 100+ frames a second no sweat.

If you want an idea of how fast a modern GPU is, GTX590 would very likely be capable of rendering the original Toy Story in HD, realtime i.e the length of the movie to watch, something which took over 100 workstations 46 days in the mid nineties....

Pixelated_Army4749d ago

Those screens look a little dark/muddy/dull/grey and where's the color Trying to hide something Epic?

The same criticism that was thrown at KZ2 should be directed towards ME3. I guarantee that this game will look nothing like what you see in the screens and will not surpass KZ3 in terms of graphics or gameplay.

nycredude4749d ago



Pretty sure Ps3 don't run Direct x period.

Dee_914749d ago

I would cry like a baby if a future GTA have these type of graphics

KaBaW4749d ago

These picture shown are to depict what we may see next generation..
And, you say this 'game,' that would be Next Gen, won't look better than KZ3.

Man are you delusional..

Ghoul4749d ago

"PS3 have only DX9" completly wrong.

ps3 has opengl and therefore is way more flexible BUT also way more intensive and difficult to code for.

to make it easy

DX = predefnied effects pipelines etc. nice and handy to use fast results but limited to its features
OpenGL= pretty much open for anything but every effect has to made from ground up to work, longer production time but more flexible

Opengl is the main reason why the ps3 crushes the 360 in the exclusiv section, time over time they evolve they opengl definitions share it via the companys intern studios and start maxing out the systems capability and optimising the hell out of it

BlackKnight4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )


See below, OpenGL is a standard, OpenGL wont magically make the RSX be able to do things it can't physically do.


You should be facepalming.

DX3D is a standard, a spec, meaning to be a DX9 video card, the card must have certain features and abilities. This is similar to OpenGL. The RSX in the PS3 is a geforce 7 series nvidia GPU, a DX9 capable GPU. It is also an OpenGL 2.0 compliant card.

DX9≈OpenGL 2.0
DX10≈OpenGL 3.0
DX11≈OpenGL 4.0

The PS3 uses a slightly different OpenGL than PC though. It uses OpenGL|ES (OpenGL for Embedded Systems) 2.0. Roughly the same as OpenGL 2.0.

So when one says the PS3 is DX9, it is true, it is what the card is capable of but uses OpenGL ES 2.0 instead which is extremely similar.

Here, let me help you:

Spydiggity4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

can't tell you how sick i am of hearing ps3 fanboys cry about killzone. lemme tell you. i bought kz3 (first game i bought for console this year) and it looks like crap. and it plays like crap. please stop comparing games to it. it's one of the worst games i've played this generation (no balance, no imagination, no color, no nothing). and if you wanna talk about their post processed cut scenes, please die.

hay4749d ago

Looks great but as tech demonstration(points to FF7 PS3 tech demo, which graphical awesomeness we're still to witness in-game), it's far from reality.

Personally when seventh generation was coming I always thought that this gen will be about volume and quality. Huge, dynamic worlds, lots of gameplay. 25Gigs of space whispered that. Instead it was filled with uncompressed audio, video, higher res textures, better models and animations.

But volume and quality-wise, today games are nothing compared to oldies.
Next-gens are bullsh!t.

chak_4749d ago

"Expect the fastest GPU by the end of this year to have at least 3x the performance of a GTX580. "


No, just no.

Masterchef20074749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

"These tech demos are DX11. Xbox/PS3 have only DX9. This is for current PC's and whenever future consoles come out."

So Sonys console is using a GFXs tech by Microsoft? You sir are wrong since the PS3 doesnt use DX instead it uses OPENGL


Just thought you might want to know :)

Edit: K i read one of your comments and i understood why you made that statement. I apologize for what i have said.

ProjectVulcan4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Yes chak, yes.

GTX590 and 6990 will be AT LEAST 1.5 times as fast as GTX580, actually probably closer to but a little shy of 2x the theoretical performance because of thermal and power constraints. These will be here within a few weeks, still on 40nm of course.

28nm will typically bring a top end single GPU also AT LEAST 1.5 times faster than GTX580, but again, probably slighter faster than even that conservative estimate. Two of those will likely go onto one board for the fastest cards, a dual GPU board in Q4 2011......

Moore's law dictates this. GTX580 is technically only about 15 percent faster than GTX480 which was a fresh generation, launched a year ago now. 28nm will allow again at least 1.5 greater transistor density but if you look into this better, because 32nm was scrapped, the leap from 40nm to 28nm is larger than the leap from the old 55nm node to 40nm.

In short, 28nm could provide a 6 billion transistor GPU, which would be a smaller jump than we saw with GTX280 to GTX 480. So i am also being conservative here.

pixelsword4749d ago

Epic has the best bullshots in the biz; in-game, however, cuffs and collar don't always match.

sikbeta4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

PC has "Next-gens"? I know it sound stupid, but PCs are totally upgradeable and more powerful stuff comes out every time, I remember when I bought a G-force 9600gt and like one week later the 9800gt started to roll out, lol I felt so dumb XP

ProjectVulcan4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Well 'next gen' in the case i referred to was with generations of Graphics processors/process technology.

When a new, more advanced smaller process technology arrives then you usually see another large step in GPU performance. The lines are not entirely distinct, but generally as a new process arrives, you see a considerable leap in performance from the fastest single GPU cards. Halfway between these distinct generations, you usually see a 'refresh' of models, slightly faster but not a big leap.

The consoles were really built between the 110 and 90nm generations. Since then we have had the fully fledged 90/80nm gen (8800, radeon 2900) then the 65/55nm generation (GTX280, Radeon 4870) now we are well into the 40nm generation (GTX480/5870). In that space of time we have gone from the console GPUs with around 300 million transistors, to GTX580, with 3 billion!!

Each provided a large leap. This summer, we are due the next process node, 28nm. You will then see new products from AMD and nvidia, considerably faster than the 'refresh' models GTX580 and Radeon 6970.

The industry entirely relies on shrinking manufacturing process size to advance performance significantly. Increasing transistor density is the main way to improve performance.

AAACE54749d ago

There's this thing called paying attention to what's actually being said!

To everyone who disagreed with me and commented against me, read my comment again... better yet, i'll point out what you missed.

1. "And now we are seeing tech demos like this."

2. "I don't think something like this would be possible with the current consoles..."

paintsville4749d ago

This engine will make the "superior" UE3 engined games in development for 360 even better. PS3 already struggles with the advanced demands of the cutting edge UE3 engine so I don't expect it to go well with the Sony camp. Maybe this will motivate them to make a better console next time.

KillerBBs4749d ago

Lag and Low frame rates.

BloodyNapkin4749d ago


My god where to start with you...i am really speachless to your comment. I am having a hard time trying to figure out if people are really this retarded of if you are being sarcastic...

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Maddens Raiders4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

hmm... no offense Epic, but Guerrilla, Polyphony Digital, and the Naughty Gods have already shown us. You should pay attention to them.

IcarusOne4749d ago

No offense, Maddens, but this looks better than the CG movies of any PS3 exclusive. PS3 has shown us what THIS gen can be. These shots are beyond current consoles.

Downtown boogey4749d ago

Are you saying Epic doesn't know their stuff when it comes to computer graphics?

palaeomerus4749d ago

Maddens Raiders goes for the burn and....HE FAILS!!


snipes1014749d ago

Knew you were a worthless fanboy right after you said Naughty Gods.

gaden_malak4749d ago

eH dluoc eb cixelsyd