NCAA Football 12 cover athlete to be chosen in fan vote

XMNR: Electronic Arts is going to let fans vote for one of four college athletes to grace the cover of NCAA Football 12 when it releases later this year for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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KillaManiac2791d ago

As long as its not Cam Newton I will be fine with it.

Heard enough of him this past year for a lifetime. Nearly as bad a ESPN's love for Teebo.

Bnet3432791d ago

err ... Tebow is one of the greatest college QBs of all time so ... Scam Newton is another case. I vote for Nick Fairley.

dinkeldinkse2791d ago

Anyone but Cam Newton. ESPN blew him the whole year like they did for Teblow when he was still playing on the most talented team in college football for four years.

NoobJobz2791d ago

Does it have to be someone going to NFL or can it be someone staying in college?

NFL: Julio Jones
College: Robert Griffin III

Queasy2791d ago

They have to have already declared for the draft. If they are still in college, they are ineligible.

NoobJobz2791d ago

I should have known, that makes sense. They couldn't accept that in college. Brainfart.

xyxzor2791d ago

Why can't I vote for LaMichael James. Fail.

Queasy2791d ago

Because James is returning to Oregon. Therefore, he can't be on the cover.

AccountClosed570292791d ago

Fuck Nick Fairley, he's dirty player. I think Cam Newton makes the most sense, seeing as how he won every possible award that a QB can win.